Home is where you can smell freshly baked cupcakes right?  We have been living in our lovely new home for 2 weeks now so it was about time I properly tried out our new Rangemaster  (yes that one, the big one!). These last two weeks have been really exciting because of the move but pretty […]Continue Reading


My mum is literally obsessed with the TV series Murder She Wrote. In Italy they still show it every day at lunch time and this has been going on for probably 20 years! I’m not joking when I say that she knows by heart every single episode! So when I heard that Angela Lansbury was […]Continue Reading


I have to be honest, I’ve never thought that a political matter would get me so emotional and involved like the referendum for the Scottish Independence did. This is the first time I’ve voted since I moved to Britain and I was very keen to give my vote. Potentially it is such a radical change […]Continue Reading


If you follow my Facebook page (if you don’t just get over and see the pictures of our lovely new place!) you would know by now that in few weeks time we are moving to a house! Yes a house, with a garden , with a huge kitchen with so many bedrooms and bathrooms!  I […]Continue Reading


When I think of Dolce Gusto the first thing that comes to my mind is not coffee.. it’s George Clooney!! Ok, alright I’m joking but I did ask if the Dolce Gusto machine would have been delivered by him.. Aaanyway let’s talk about coffee. Who isn’t crazy, addicted and needs it more than air!??! Not […]Continue Reading