The other day I was organising my children’s clothes and realised that inside their wardrobe I still keep all the baby blankets we received and bought for them when they were born. I have so many gorgeous baby blankets and every single one of them cherishes a precious moment of our life: our first cuddles, […]Continue Reading


If you read my previous post, you would know that I am such a huge breastfeeding advocate for many reasons. And because of this, although I’m no expert, throughout the years I had many friends asking me what I thought a mom would need if she decides to breastfeed. Well to be honest the main […]Continue Reading


Although this picture looks like it was taken in 1973, it was actually from last Sunday when we celebrated Daddy’s 40th birthday!! As promised, I organised a surfing dessert table in memory of his surfing adventures.  I took the Friday off from work and baked baked baked !!! There was a cake, nope actually two […]Continue Reading


On Sunday we are going to have a big celebration for my husband’s 40th birthday (eeeekk) and obviously we’ll have many cakes and sweet treats. Because of this,  I thought I would bake a cake for Valentines’ day few days earlier.  This year I wanted to celebrate what I believe is the biggest love you […]Continue Reading


Today, especially today, I feel like the luckiest person ever. I’ve been following this incredible brave mum and her blog for quite a while now. Two years ago today, she lost her 9 months old daughter to SIDS and I cannot help but be moved to tears every time I read her blog, every time […]Continue Reading