The weather is turning for the better and we have started to make the best out of it by enjoying our gorgeous outdoors and spending more time in our garden. Easter Monday was incredibly sunny and warm, we could not have chosen a better day for a little treat (or two) outside in the sun. […]Continue Reading


Pretty often my friends ask me where I find the time to bake. Easy! The recipes I make may look pretty but they are fairly easy and quick to make. I’ve always loved creating even the simpliest recipe but presenting it in a pretty way and I guess that makes the difference. With the new […]Continue Reading


I’m all excited these days as I’ve started to organise Bee’s 5th birthday party so I’m super busy getting ideas from Pinterest, deciding what to bake, what games to do, how to organise the mini cupcake decoration session which I’m planning do to in between cake and games during her birthday.. many many things, and […]Continue Reading


Few weeks ago we were asked to be part of an online campaign for an international Company. At first we were not being revealed what Company was for. We were just been told that this Company was about to release a new innovative product on the market and that they were looking for real couples […]Continue Reading


The other day I was organising my children’s clothes and realised that inside their wardrobe I still keep all the baby blankets we received and bought for them when they were born. I have so many gorgeous baby blankets and every single one of them cherishes a precious moment of our life: our first cuddles, […]Continue Reading