For the Happy Egg January challenge we were asked to give a different twist to scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are perfect for breakfast but they can become part of a great brunch or dinner only by adding a few exciting ingredients! The last time we went to Italy we bought a tiny bottle of incredibly […]Continue Reading


I’ve recently become a member of the Happy Egg co. Taste 100 Blogger Network. Happy Egg are the Uk’s number one free range egg brand and it’s because they believe that happy hens lay happy eggs that their eggs definitely taste better!  I was kindly sent a voucher to buy some of their eggs so […]Continue Reading


This is an overdue post. I’ve meant to write something about this topic for quite sometime now but always postponed it. Until last night when I read the latest ridiculous post about a mum refusing to buy a Barbie to her girl. It just sent me up the wall so I now need to vent […]Continue Reading


It was the Friday before Christmas and I was SO ready to enjoy a full day by myself. My holidays started 2 days before the kids were off from nursery so I was dreaming about all the different things I  could do without them: a lovely bath, grocery shopping without the screaming, relaxing in front […]Continue Reading


Christmas has been a wonderful celebration with my whole family. After 10 years my mum and my sister made it to be here with us and knowing my mum’s sweet tooth,  I prepared a dessert table full of  yummy treats. This year I was particularly obsessed to do something with golden colours therefore I used […]Continue Reading