If you read my post about being a clean freak, you’d know by now my obsession about cleaning and germs and disinfecting pretty much everything that enters my house (people included if I could!) and items that my children come in contact with. But really if germs were not invisible and you could actually see Continue Reading


I’m not joking, I JUST realised that the World cup is still on! Well, you cannot really blame me, Italy was kicked out very early this time so really not point for me to keep watching footballplayers faking pain, on a grass right? The real excitment for me is WIMBLEDON! I loooove tennis and unfortunately Continue Reading


This year Nutella is 50 years old and knowing my husband’s love for this chocolate spread, I decided to make a mini dessert table and bake a delicious three layer chocolate cake filled with Nutella frosting! To accompaign this gorgeous cake, I made a few changes to my mum’s traditional Tiramisù recipe and created my Continue Reading


The first time I tried Macarons (just remember with one “o” ma-ca-rons) it was few years ago and I immediately fell in love with them (obviously!). The light crunch, the soft inside and the tasty filling… just divine! Imagine when I found out a new Macarons place was opening in Edinburgh! I was so excited, Continue Reading


As a family we tend to spend most of our time together around the kitchen. A part from using the kitchen table to have our meals, colouring books, playing games, we all love eating good food therefore my children love watching mummy preparing nice meals and baking scrumptions cakes (and watching daddy eating them) so Continue Reading