I know I have chosen to live in Scotland but honestly we didn’t even have a taste of summer yet (oh yeah we did for one day, that’s it! Now I guess it’s over!) Staying home with the kids while it’s pouring outside is not much fun so I searched for fun DIY tutorials on […]Continue Reading


Like any other mom I am literally obsessed about taking pictures of my children, many times a day. Sometimes I take one after another only because my son slightly changes expression and I want to snap every single one of them or my daughter smiles making different faces. My husband still wonders how I can […]Continue Reading


Every now and then I like to write a post about my cleaning obsession which I am actually very proud of And what better occasion than spring cleaning time to talk about bedsheets and how oftern you should change them? Some time ago I read an article regarding children’s bedsheets and I cannot help but […]Continue Reading


For the last couple of weeks the weather has been pretty awful so we have spent our afternoons mainly playing indoors. While we were waiting for our friend Max to come over to play, Bee dressed up like a fairy and took care of her Magic Fairy garden. It was a present for her birthday […]Continue Reading


After having seen Bee crying while saying goodbye to my mom and my sister who recently left to go back to their home in Italy, I can honestly say that one of the downfalls of living abroad is seen my children getting upset every time they see someone leaving after having spent some time with […]Continue Reading