I cannot believe in less than a month my little precious baby is going to be one! Sometimes it’s been hard but being a mom is the most amazing experience someone can live and although I promised myself that this time I’d have cherished even more every single moment, it just went too fast! In Continue Reading


Happy mother’s day beautiful mummies! For Mother’s day I HAD to bake a pretty cake for myself because a celebration without cake is not 100% complete! Plus I’m trying to find the perfect, light, not too sweet frosting and I think I found it! Tulips and cake, perfect combination! Beautiful spring colours! What is missing Continue Reading


In a few weeks it’ll be hectic here! Not only because it’s Bee’s birthday and I’m organising her Sofia The First theme party but also because all my family from Italy is coming over for Leo’s baptism PLUS we are going to celebrate Leo’s first birthday too!! So many cakes to prepare and cookies and Continue Reading


If I knew it was THAT easy I’d have done it ages ago! I read a lot about it, Super nanny uses it (so I should have really tried it before) but somehow I never thought it would have had such a quick, effective and positive impact on my daugher! REWARD CHART! For some reason Continue Reading


I planned to make Banana caramel cupcakes since I pinned this gorgeous recipe on Pinterest a week ago, it turned out I only managed to bake them last night. And last night I made the caramel sauce too which I wanted to use today to decorate the banana cupcakes… And of course I had to Continue Reading