Coffee is so much part of our Italian culture and in our family drinking a good short Espresso is a daily tradition. My husband is proud of his ability to make a lovely cremina (which is a foam made by vigorously whisking a tiny bit of coffee and sugar), he really believes it’s a form […]Continue Reading


I have to admit, I’m not the best person when it comes to be consistent and look after my skin. I never remember to mosturise it, I hate the feeling of a greasy cream on my skin and I just don’t have the patience to wait for the cream to be absorbed. BUT  when it […]Continue Reading


We are finally settled in our new home in the countryside ( I’ll soon write a post about it!) I still cannot believe it, everything happened so quickly! We were looking to move to this area because we know the schools are really good and  this week we have to enrolled Bee to Primary School, […]Continue Reading


On Sunday we had our first Halloween celebration for Bee and her little friends.  Since we moved to our new house, she didn’t have much chance to see her friends so I thought it was a good idea to organise a small party and get baking! For the occasion I baked some vanilla cupcakes topped […]Continue Reading


Home is where you can smell freshly baked cupcakes right?  We have been living in our lovely new home for 2 weeks now so it was about time I properly tried out our new Rangemaster  (yes that one, the big one!). These last two weeks have been really exciting because of the move but pretty […]Continue Reading