On Monday it was Nonna Nuti’s birthday so we decided to do something different and.. baked! Haha yeah but we didn’t bake the usual birthday cake, instead we decided to bake Vanilla butter cookies and make an edible Birthday card! Nonna Nuti lives in Italy therefore we virtually gave her the card during our Skype Continue Reading


This was our first week-end back from holidays and it was one of the busiest one ever! I had booked tickets to go to the Foodies Festival on Saturday, then we promised some friends to join them afterwards for dinner. On Sunday I had to take Bee to a birthday party and in the between Continue Reading


You have no idea how many times in the last few months people asked me this question… My answer? “Yes, I am.. Yes, Leo is 15 months old… Yes, I love it… Yes, he loves it…” Is that a problem? Sometimes I feel like more you try to make a point and explain why you Continue Reading


When I was packing for our holiday, I checked if some of Bee’s old summer clothes could fit Leonardo. We never bought  lots of pink clothes for her and that means that now we can re-use many of Bee’s bodysuits for Leo. Especially the Petit Bateu bodysuits; their quality after years has been preserved, the Continue Reading


If you read my post about being a clean freak, you’d know by now my obsession about cleaning and germs and disinfecting pretty much everything that enters my house (people included if I could!) and items that my children come in contact with. But really if germs were not invisible and you could actually see Continue Reading