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Cool Christmas gifts for Toddlers

Here we are again thinking what Christmas present will be the perfect gift for our children, the one which will leave them “ohhhhhh” jumping around the room, full of happiness. I’ve been browsing online and found a few gift ideas which would definitely suit my daughter. Have a look and see if they would make your child happy too 🙂

Bee loves taking pictures and she often askes me to borrow my iPhone or our little camera. This camera toy would be the perfect present as Showcam is 2 in one digital camera and projector.  Have a look at this  youtube video which explains better how it works.

Everyone knows that toddlers love stickers! Stickers for rewards, to put on a chart, so why not give them a giant stickers to decorate their room? I think it’s a fantastic idea especially if like us,  you are renting a house so you are not really supposed to paint the walls to make the room more personal. I love them!

This is actually going to be Bee’s Christmas present this year. She has another tiny bicycle but apparently a balance bicycle is what you want for you kids to teach them cycling the easy way. Plus this one has the advantage that after learning  to balance on two wheels, you can then add the pedals and it becomes a real bike.

I find this cardoard castle just gorgeous! We had a smaller version of this Castle for Bee’s 3rd birthday.  All her friends had fun playing inside it and colouring it as well.

Bee actually owns this play kitchen and she spends ages pretending to bake and cook . The kitchen is great for storing all her toys too as it has many cupboards where you can hide bits and pieces.

This may probably look silly but I’m seriously petrified every time Bee has a bath and pretends to swim and does little jumps. I always fear she can bump her head against the faucet. Thanks to this rubber whale, if she did, she would be fine 🙂

I just adore this lovely play tent! I remember when I was little I used to make a tent with old bed sheets and pegs.  It was always a struggle to keep it up. I wish I had one of these!

These shoes are so cool! And the fact that you can personalised them with your child’s initials make them unique!

Then if you have around £1600, this GORGEOUS treehouse bed is a must! Who doesn’t like to sleep in a treehouse!??! Just dreamy!

I hope I inspired you a bit. In the next post I will show you some adorable Christmas gifts ideas for you little babies.

Happy shopping!