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Baba Restaurant – Edinburgh

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to be invited by the lovely Kylie from Edinburgh Gossip Girls to try a new restaurant in George St.

Baba restaurant opened the 15th of November and the magnificent food they offer is inspired by the flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

Can I first start by saying that when it comes to food I’m extremely picky… I like fresh, simple flavours and I’ve never been really keen of spices, etc . This restaurant opened my eyes and I can honestly say I experience one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

At our arrival we were welcomed by one of the owners who offered us a lovely cocktail at the bar area. The decor is gorgeous, I loved the dark, warm colour and the quirky bar decor.

We then got sat at the table and were presented with a cocktail menu to die for. The choice of peculiar drinks was amazing; check out the ingredients!

I opted for a non alcoholic drink (I know right!) and it just blew me away.

We then went into the food and not knowing the dishes, I wasn’t sure what to order so they just brought us basically everything they had on the menu!

We had a full selection of incredibly tasty tapas. One tasted completely different than the other, unique flavours and presentations, I cannot even tell you which one I preferred as they all were delicious!

These haggis and harissa kibbeh were amazing!

We then tried cauliflower fritters with zhug (Yemenite Hot Sauce With Cilantro and Parsley) and creme fraiche

More dips to eat with freshly grilled pitta bread

I’m usually not keen on lamb but this one was so good.

Followed by squid, merguez sausage and salmorejo, so tender!

And chuck eye steak, so tasty!

More amazing cocktails…

Although I was incredibly full , I couldn’t say no to dessert and it was so worth it!

Light and delicious.

Honestly you must book a table at this new restaurant. Their cuisine is SO unique. Not only the food tasted incredible but the presentation was just spot on.  Trust me, you will be surprised at the amazing flavours you will experience.

Teaching your kids about road safety

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Since I’ve had children, I’ve had this terrible fear of roads.

The other day, Beatrice asked me when she’ll be allowed to walk to school alone with her friends and… no way I think it’s that time already!

One of the main reasons is that I can daily see, in the street where we live, cars speeding up whenever they got a chance, careless of the speed limit and of the dangerousness of doing so on a street that leads to the main primary school, therefore often busy with children walking around.


We lost our beloved cat right outside our home where she was run over by a car, and since that day I’m even more determined to raise awareness of the danger of speeding on the roads.

One thing that I’ve been keen to teach my children is to keep safe while out and about, whether walking, cycling or traveling by car and I found a way to talk about such a serious matter in a more fun and interactive way.

On the Accident Advice Helpline, there is a fun, interactive quiz that you can play with your children and that will help them understand a bit more about road safety and rules on the streets.

The questions vary from crossing at traffic lights to riding a bike on the road. For each question, after you give your answer, you get a short explanation of the reason behind that specific answer. This works amazingly as Beatrice is in a phase where she wants to have a justification for everything (quite right, I should say so).

And the cool bit is that, not only your child is learning by watching an entertaining game, but he/she can find out a final score and print out a certificate as a reward.

Beatrice loved the idea that by focusing on finding the right answers she got a certificate, and she was proud to show it to her daddy.

If you are looking to give some basic road safety information to your children I’d say, you should give the quiz a go.

Say it with chocolate!

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I know this time of the year everyone talks about diets and exercising, I talk about chocolate!

We recently went away for the Christmas holidays and our friend kindly looked after our cuddly Romeo. I was looking for an original present to say thank you to my friend for giving up some of her time to come to the house and make sure our kitty cat was ok . Luckily I was introduced to the idea of a chocolate type card.


Honestly, who wouldn’t like to receive some chocolate by post?


Morse Toad is a website where you can create your own chocolate gifts.

You can now send yummy chocolatey messages for many, many occasions either by choosing between plenty of messages ideas from the website or you can create your own personalised greeting chocolate card. And you can also upload a photo which makes the edible greeting card even more special!


On their website, you can easily find chocolate gifts organised by message type, by occasion or by recipient.

I went for a “Thank you for looking after me” chocolate card and I requested to have an additional message on the card inserted on the lid of the box (where you have the option of adding a picture of your choice).


Their chocolate is one of the smoothest, most exceptional Belgian chocolate you have ever tasted plus you can be assured that their suppliers source their chocolate ethically and process their cocoa with great care and expertise.


Why send a card when chocolate tastes so much better?