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Teaching your kids about road safety

Since I’ve had children, I’ve had this terrible fear of roads.

The other day, Beatrice asked me when she’ll be allowed to walk to school alone with her friends and… no way I think it’s that time already!

One of the main reasons is that I can daily see, in the street where we live, cars speeding up whenever they got a chance, careless of the speed limit and of the dangerousness of doing so on a street that leads to the main primary school, therefore often busy with children walking around.


We lost our beloved cat right outside our home where she was run over by a car, and since that day I’m even more determined to raise awareness of the danger of speeding on the roads.

One thing that I’ve been keen to teach my children is to keep safe while out and about, whether walking, cycling or traveling by car and I found a way to talk about such a serious matter in a more fun and interactive way.

On the Accident Advice Helpline, there is a fun, interactive quiz that you can play with your children and that will help them understand a bit more about road safety and rules on the streets.

The questions vary from crossing at traffic lights to riding a bike on the road. For each question, after you give your answer, you get a short explanation of the reason behind that specific answer. This works amazingly as Beatrice is in a phase where she wants to have a justification for everything (quite right, I should say so).

And the cool bit is that, not only your child is learning by watching an entertaining game, but he/she can find out a final score and print out a certificate as a reward.

Beatrice loved the idea that by focusing on finding the right answers she got a certificate, and she was proud to show it to her daddy.

If you are looking to give some basic road safety information to your children I’d say, you should give the quiz a go.