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Leonardo’s first month party

A bit late but I finally managed to post some pictures of the little party we had for Leonardo’s first month! Few weeks ago I had the feeling this pregnancy was lasting forever and now my little baby is one month old and I cannot even remember my life without him.

For the occasion I made a sponge cake and few vanilla cupcakes. Obviously everything had to be light blue as we had enough pink for the last 3 years šŸ™‚

Some balloons and milk…


We received so many cards from friends and family and all of them are still hanging in our living room.

My husband again helped with the creation of the little blue shoes and the sugar dummy. My mom (like she did for Beatrice’s birthday) was in charge of making the letters.

In Italy there is a tradition by which you receiveĀ  a little silk shirt as a gift for your newborn to wear. It’s like a gesture for good luckĀ  in life. My mom had itĀ  hand embroided for Leonardo.


Happy first month Amore mio!