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Easy DIY children activities

I know I have chosen to live in Scotland but honestly we didn’t even have a taste of summer yet (oh yeah we did for one day, that’s it! Now I guess it’s over!)

Staying home with the kids while it’s pouring outside is not much fun so I searched for fun DIY tutorials on Pinterest and I found a few which were pretty simple and very creative. We have kept aside few (lots actually) loo rolls and last week we finally made some funny animals by using the rolls and some coloured paper.

We first made a Lion and used a heart cutter for the nose and the feet.

craft lion

Then a fun, pinky elephant…

elephant DIY


A crazy looking bunny…


A little more elaborated bunny…

loo roll bunny

And a pretty cat with bow (yes that’s a bow on the top of her head)…

cat made out of rolls

We spent a whole afternoon creating these animals and even Leonardo who is only 2 was pretty excited to glue bits and pieces together and loved playing with them. Check my “Create with children” Pinterest board to get tutorials for the above and to find more craft ideas which will hopefully inspire you to get creative with your children.