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Our 5 top tips to drink more water

I know how water is essential for our health, and I know that over 70% of the body consists of water so we should keep drinking bla bla but… I just cannot drink any! I can really go through a full day by only drinking a glass of water because I’m hardly thirsty, plus I don’t enjoy drinking just plain still water..

When it comes to my kids I do my best to make them drink plenty of water but often I fail with them too so I recently did some research and got a couple of tips that I hope will be useful for you too if you are struggling to get your kids  to stay hydrated especially this time of the year when soon they will be spending more time running around in the – hopefully- good weather

Tip number one:  give them water-rich food

Water doesn’t just have to come from what we drink. We can stay hydrated by choosing to eat foods with a high water content, like cucumber, peppers, spinach, melon and apples. These foods not only are healthy but they will keep you fuller for longer.

Tip number two: use a marked water bottle

Sometimes we feel like we had drunk plenty of water but effectively we barely drunk a glass. By using a marked water bottle and make it a game “who’s going to drink to the first line”,  the whole “drinking process will be more enjoyable and easy.

Tip number three: let the kids use a straw

I still have to meet a child who doesn’t like to drink using a straw. Especially if it’s a fun straw, I can assure you they will sip more water and more often

Tip number four: reward them for drinking water

A sticker will do, kids love stickers so I’m sure they will be interested in playing the game of who’s getting more stickers

Tip number five: carry water with you wherever you go

If you have water available anywhere you go the chances that you are going to be drinking more are higher. Simple!

In the past the only thing that my kids (and I) were happy to drink, was diluted fresh orange juice with some water or water with squash . To be honest I was never convinced about the latest as the majority of them contained aspartame which is incredibly bad for your body. Finally someone invented a squash not only without aspartame but sugar free too and with no preservatives or artificial colours. How’s that as a solution?

We recently discovered the Robinson super concentrated portable squash which comes in many flavours and most importantly it is sweetened only with sucralose whose safety has been supported by scientific studies conducted over a 20-year period (see? I did my homework ;))

FullSizeRender (2)

The flavors are actually really good, they do taste like real fruit because there is actually real food in it -duh! We particularly like the mango and lime (I’d be tempted to add these squashes to cocktails but that’ll be for another time, today I’m writing about healthy stuff! lol).

Robinson kindly sent us a lovely chart to help us keeping track of how much water the kids drink. It’s fun and the children really care about getting more “fruity sticker” on their chart. It’s a win win situation!


We have been spending so much time outdoors in the last few weeks and I found this portable squash particularly handy when going to the park or going for a picnic.or even when driving and all of the sudden you hear from the back the screams ” I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty” and obviously kids cannot wait when they need something!

 This squash bottle is small enough to be carried on all day with you. We always have bottles of water in the car and I recently started to carry one of these size pocket squashes in my handbag so we can enjoy it on the go whenever we are.

Like this weekend.

To celebrate Father’s day we went for the first time all together at the cinema!

first time at the cinema

Everyone was really excited! We brought plenty of food to make sure the children were fully entertained. And obviously after so much popcorn and crisps and marshmallow the kids were pretty thirsty. So when I took out the water bottle both kids went ” I don’t want water, I want juice”

No problem!

 I took out of my bag my mini Robinson bottle, squished a bit in our water bottle and it was ready to drink!

family at the cinema

Easy and tasty. Let’s enjoy more water!

*This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge,  by Robinsons

I am a lucky mamma

Today, especially today, I feel like the luckiest person ever.

I’ve been following this incredible brave mum and her blog for quite a while now. Two years ago today, she lost her 9 months old daughter to SIDS and I cannot help but be moved to tears every time I read her blog, every time I see her pics on Instagram, every time I feel her pain through her words…

As a mom. I just CAN-NOT imagine how hard it must be. I wish I could do something to alleviate her pain, her struggle to keep living and fighting for the sake of her other precious children. I just pray… every day Matilda and her family are in my prayers.

It’s crazy how you can feel so close to someone you don’t even know…I guess motherhood keeps us all in the same pod and if someone feels the pain then we share it all together. I’d hope that knowing how much love we all feel for her could do a teeny tiny fraction of good but I guess the pain is so immense that it’s almost impossible to bear it…

Today, particularly today, I feel lucky, I know I am lucky.

I’ve got two gorgeous cheeky children who I adore with all my heart and I don’t think my life would ever make sense without them. It’s moments like this when you stop, once more, and you reflect.. and you feel silly for the many times you got crossed over worthless matters and for a fraction you forgot the real joy of life: every day moments with your loved ones, simple acts that make your life worth living.

my life

Every morning my children leave the house with their dad to go to nursery. They kiss me goodbye until I see them again in the afternoon.

For a while now, I’ve been teaching Leonardo to give me a kiss before he leaves the house. I usually have to call him and say “Give a big kiss to mamma!” so he stops, turns back and gives me a kiss (most of the time wetting my whole face! lol). This morning while I was tying Bee’s shoes, I could see Leo going out the door then, without me saying anything, he stopped came towards me with his little feet and with a smile he stamped a kiss on my lips…

It was precious… it meant the world to me… It was one of those moments when you feel your heart exploding because there is so much love.

my loves

For this and for many other little-BIG moments of my life,  I am extremely grateful…

Today, once more, I feel lucky.

Children’s freedom

We are finally settled in our new home in the countryside ( I’ll soon write a post about it!)

I still cannot believe it, everything happened so quickly! We were looking to move to this area because we know the schools are really good and  this week we have to enrolled Bee to Primary School, (eeeeek) but we never expected to find a house straightaway.

With the thought that Bee will soon go to school and the just heard news that my friend’s daughter at 2 years old is already wearing glasses, I started to think if Bee will be short-sighted too.

I found out I was when I started primary school. I could not read properly the letters on the wall. My husband is myope as well, so what are the odds that she will be too?

When I was little glasses didn’t really bothered me much: they were so colourful and they looked like fun. But when I grew up I started to hate them… for instance all my friends could go to the beach and swim freely in the sea, I had to swim with my glasses on because if I chose to go without them I could have never gone back to my towel on the beach.. yes that bad! I think I was around 16 when I started wearing contact lenses and seriously what a change! I could see everything clearer, no frame which limited my view, it really was amazing. When I think about Bee, who is now 4 1/2 year old, I wonder if she’ll have the same vision problems…

bee's glasses

But then I went to Britmums live, met the fun team of Johnson & Johnson ACUVUE and I discovered something that totally relieved me. I was talking with them about short sighted issues related to children and I actually found out that now kids can start wearing contact lenses from the age of 5!


This means not only that if we find out (hopefully not!) that Bee is short sighted, she won’t have to wear glasses BUT and most important, she will be able to carry on playing and running without any problem, or riding a horse (it’s in the list after we moved to the countryside) without worrying she can lose her glasses. She’ll be able to do any activity which could potentially be affected by wearing glasses. I think it will make the difference especially for a girl so active like Bee is!

Bee and the pony

I daily wear contact lenses and most of the time I forget I’m actually short sighted. Hopefully we won’t need to look into contact lenses for our children for another while but if we were at least I know that their life won’t be much affected by wearing them.

Now off to feed (my neighbour) chickens!

I wrote this post while participating in a campaign on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision care and received a symbolic gift to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Packing and playing

If you follow my Facebook page (if you don’t just get over and see the pictures of our lovely new place!) you would know by now that in few weeks time we are moving to a house! Yes a house, with a garden , with a huge kitchen with so many bedrooms and bathrooms!  I cannot even believe it’s going to be our place.

Moving is exciting times but packing is literally endless.. endless! Obviously every time we moved from a flat to a bigger one we bought more stuff, more kitchen gadgets (never too many!) and more toys! We have alreay packed at least 5 boxes of toys and we have left a few outside which will entertain the children while we are busy boxing all our items.

Just recently we got our kids some Mega blocks and I can tell you I’M SO glad we did because in difficult times like moving house there is nothing better than find the perfect toys which will entertain your kids for hours! Every time we take them out of the lovely storage bag,  both Leo and Bee play on the floor with them for ages!

Just recently  Leo has learned to hit people, cats, furniture with anything he holds in his little hands. I think he just likes the noise that the object makes agains something or the screams from Bee when he runs after her with the intention to hit her.  Poor Bee..

What I like about the mega blocks is that they are fairly light but at the same time stable when the kids build towers, houses, etc. therefore when they play with them, Leo can only knock the towers Bee builds as he doesn’t get any reaction when he attempts to hit her with one of these light block (a big plus when you leave them alone playing together!). Plus Mega block come in a big zipped bag so it’s very handy to keep them tidy and especially to pack them as the last item to take with us in our moving!

I like watching them playing together and the blocks are definitely helping their social skill. Although they fight to get the biggest piece or a certain colour, I can see that often they try to build together a tower or they help each other fetching the blocks a bit far away.  I always liked these simple toys because they encourage creative play in children and they can teach them about colours, shapes and balance. Plus it’s one of the few games that they can actually play together. Bee and Leo have 3 years between each others and often Bee enjoys playing with toys that are far too big for Leo. Mega blocks are actually easy for young toddlers to handle but still much fun for pre-schoolers because they free their imagination.

I’m planning to buy more of these Mega blocks as  both my children enjoy them plus we have still many many hours of packing so I better get some quickly!