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Wall stickers, the original gift idea

Every year, around this time, we, actually Bee has got a very busy social life. Many of her nursery friends have thier birthdays in April and May and we get invitations to their parties. The hunting for the perfect present starts early when we wonder in toys shops to find the perfect present which will wow her friends.

Most of the time we end up buying princess games, or princess dolls, books, puzzles. Don’t get me wrong, these are all very nice presents and the girls love them but I’d like for once to buy something different.

Few weeks ago I came across this website which sells wall stickers.¬†Bee’s bedroom doesn’t really look like a girl’s room so we thought a touch of colour is what it needed. I’ve wanted to buy nursery wall stickers for a while but always been afraid that it would not stick properly on the wall or the colours wouldn’t be as vivid as the ones in the image so I never actually made it to buy one. Until now! I read many positive reviews about this company and went for it.

The wall stickers arrived well packed in a padded tube. Once we opened it we were surprised to see so many stickers and what amazing colours they had! The tube contained 2 sheets with different characters, flowers, leaves and many other decorations. Bee got really excited and she couldn’t wait to peel them all off!

The fun part is that we all got involved and started working as a team. I was peeling the stickers off the sheets, passing them on to Bee who was handing them to daddy who was in charge to stick them on the wall. All characters were incredibly easy to peel off, even if Bee was touching them they would not loose their stickyness. Plus to make it right we followed the image sample which assigned a number to every piece, really we couldn’t get it wrong (very useful for the tree which had many similar branches).

Out of many choices from the website, we opted for a very colourful one which would have suited both Bee and Leo’s age.

It was difficult to keep Bee from sticking the animals all over the place on the wall so we allowed her to stick all of the butterflies, the flowers and the birds wherever she wanted, and helped daddy to stick the bigger ones.

It took us a while to put the whole picture up as we decided to carefully follow the instructions and the colour pattern of the image sample, the result though was amazing! Somehow it actually looks like someone painted those vivid colours on the wall.

I was very pleased with the quality of the stickers, their precised pre-cut shapes made it easy to peel them off and even if you made a mistake and peeled one of the stickers off and stuck it again it actually stayed there!

Every night when Bee goes to bed, I can hear her making up stories that involve the animals on the wall and I think it’s great for her imagination. Plus I think she feels less alone at night with all these little cute animals surrounding her bed.

A few more stickers and we were almost done! It was actually a pretty fun time as this was a rare occasion where we were all together in the same room doing something crafty!

The wall sticker is covering almost the entire wall of Bee’s bedroom and the room looks amazing with those bright colours and funny face animals!

A surprisingly good quality product, I was definitely pleased with it and I think it would make an original and fun gift for kids of literally any age thanks to the wide choice of patterns available on the website.