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The secret of a long-lasting relationship finally revealed

Few weeks ago we were asked to be part of an online campaign for an international Company. At first we were not being revealed what Company was for. We were just been told that this Company was about to release a new innovative product on the market and that they were looking for real couples to be part of their online campaign.

Imagine my face when they told us the Company was ….Durex!!!

We flew down to London for a day and filmed in an amazing central location. It was a pretty good experience and the crew was incredibly helpful and lovely to make us feel relaxed in front of huge lights and million of cameras.

The campaign was released today… I’m not kidding you when I’m saying that my heart was pounding when I first watched it!

Here we go…

And because now we are ambassadors for this campaign, I guess the turn-off button must be used more often in our house 😉