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Children’s freedom

We are finally settled in our new home in the countryside ( I’ll soon write a post about it!)

I still cannot believe it, everything happened so quickly! We were looking to move to this area because we know the schools are really good and  this week we have to enrolled Bee to Primary School, (eeeeek) but we never expected to find a house straightaway.

With the thought that Bee will soon go to school and the just heard news that my friend’s daughter at 2 years old is already wearing glasses, I started to think if Bee will be short-sighted too.

I found out I was when I started primary school. I could not read properly the letters on the wall. My husband is myope as well, so what are the odds that she will be too?

When I was little glasses didn’t really bothered me much: they were so colourful and they looked like fun. But when I grew up I started to hate them… for instance all my friends could go to the beach and swim freely in the sea, I had to swim with my glasses on because if I chose to go without them I could have never gone back to my towel on the beach.. yes that bad! I think I was around 16 when I started wearing contact lenses and seriously what a change! I could see everything clearer, no frame which limited my view, it really was amazing. When I think about Bee, who is now 4 1/2 year old, I wonder if she’ll have the same vision problems…

bee's glasses

But then I went to Britmums live, met the fun team of Johnson & Johnson ACUVUE and I discovered something that totally relieved me. I was talking with them about short sighted issues related to children and I actually found out that now kids can start wearing contact lenses from the age of 5!


This means not only that if we find out (hopefully not!) that Bee is short sighted, she won’t have to wear glasses BUT and most important, she will be able to carry on playing and running without any problem, or riding a horse (it’s in the list after we moved to the countryside) without worrying she can lose her glasses. She’ll be able to do any activity which could potentially be affected by wearing glasses. I think it will make the difference especially for a girl so active like Bee is!

Bee and the pony

I daily wear contact lenses and most of the time I forget I’m actually short sighted. Hopefully we won’t need to look into contact lenses for our children for another while but if we were at least I know that their life won’t be much affected by wearing them.

Now off to feed (my neighbour) chickens!

I wrote this post while participating in a campaign on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision care and received a symbolic gift to thank me for taking the time to participate.