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Our celebration for Daddy’s 40th birthday

Although this picture looks like it was taken in 1973, it was actually from last Sunday when we celebrated Daddy’s 40th birthday!! As promised, I organised a surfing dessert table in memory of his surfing adventures.daddy's 40th birthday

 I took the Friday off from work and baked baked baked !!! There was a cake, nope actually two cakes, many cupcakes, cake pops and different cookies: sharks, surfers and surfing boards.

40th cake

 We had a very relaxing day. It was beautiful and sunny outside so while I was finishing the last touches for the table, daddy enjoyed the gorgeous weather and played outside with the kids. In the afternoon we had some friends coming over to make a toast (we had a huge bottle of Taittinger – oh yeah!) and plenty of sweets as you can see!

40th cupcakes

The day before, I organised a piccola surprise. I had two of his best friends flying over from Italy and they surprised him by pretending to be burglars and attempting to steal his beloved motorbike! Imagine his face! I actually made a video which is incredible funny and I might share it with you in the near future…

beach dessert table


dessert table

happy birthday daddy

You cannot imagine how difficult it was to stick those £$*@ waves on the cake! I spent hours and they kept breaking until my genius husband proposed to place them on a parchment paper and transfer them on the cake, brilliant! It saved my night!

surfing cake beach

shark cookie

shark cookies

surf cookies

surfing board cookies

On a Friday night I started making these beach ball cake pops. I was up until 1 am and at that point I have to admit, I actually started to enjoy making them and could have carried on all night (sick I know lol).

surfing cake pops

surfing cake

surfing sweet table

I had bought two giant balloons to decorate the table but didn’t want to include the full picture as one was bigger than the other.. explanation? They were so big that a full tank of helium wasn’t enough to fill both of them! #fail 🙁

surfing table

Daddy’s 40th birthday was an amazing one and we celebrated the way my husband wanted, low-key surrounded by good friends and good food!

Daddy blowing candles

“Tanti auguri a teeeee, tanti auguri a teeeeee, tanti auguri feliciiii, tanti auguri a teeeeeeee!!”

Buon compleanno Daddy!


Happy birthday Papà snowboarder!

Last week was my husband’s birthday and although I didn’t want to remind him that he broke his arm’s ligaments during our last Christmas holiday while snowboarding in Italy, I know he loves spending time on the snow so I thought the best cake for him was a mountain shape cake with a little snowboarder figure on the top.

I used vanilla fondant to make the figure and to cover the cake.


To go with the snowboard theme cake I baked some vanilla cupcakes and topped them with white and blue fondant snowflakes.

And bought white balloons and blue paper napkins to go with them.

Oh yeah, I bought the meringues too 🙂

Then I followed some tutorials and created white and blue paper poms (Not a big deal I know but they do look great!)

Sprinkled some crystal drops to decorate the table.

And more cupcakes (I attempted to make some blue ones but I have to say for me it’s still very odd eating blue food!)

I took the following pictures with my iPhone at 1am in the morning when I was trying to finish the little snowboarder by following an online tutorial on my laptop.

To be honest we didn’t want to cut the cake as it looked so pretty but when I mentioned that I had filled it with layers of Nutella and fresh whipped cream, we changed our minds!

I decided I am going to create a personalised party every time we have a special occasion in the family so that one day we will remember that day not only for the kisses and cuddles but for the personalised cake too (and the time spent making it!).