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DIY advent calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

Not long to go until we are going to start opening the traditional little windows of the Advent calendar!

I always loved Advent calendars and I still remeber the ones I had when I was little. This year I’d like to make one myself so I went online to be inspired and found amazing ideas that I can easily create with the help of Bee.

Cute reindeer cups from

In this website you can find the printables to make this gorgeous Advent calendar

So stylish from

That’s what you can do with the socks which lost their match 🙂 This one is from

I used similar little buckets as party favours for Bee’s birthday. You can easily find them online . This idea is from

Edible Advent Calendar? Oh yeah! From

This would NEVER last till Christmas in my house!

Very easy to make from

Lovely Christmas Tree advent calendar. You can find the tutorial to make it here

Again I’m not sure these would make it to the 25th.  You can buy them here


To be honest my preference goes for an edible Advent calendar and as I just bought a cake pop maker I might use it to create a very different one.. 🙂