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Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto coffee machine… you will love it

When I think of Dolce Gusto the first thing that comes to my mind is not coffee.. it’s George Clooney!! Ok, alright I’m joking but I did ask if the Dolce Gusto machine would have been delivered by him..

Aaanyway let’s talk about coffee. Who isn’t crazy, addicted and needs it more than air!??! Not me.. I have to be honest I should be ashamed of being Italian and not loving passionately a good short espresso.. I just don’t! It makes me tachycardia, every time I drink one I almost feel like my heart is exploding and I’m about to have a heart attack! I do love a good cappuccino though, in the morning like most Italians do, but I seriously cannot be bothered to fill the Caffettiera (the traditional coffee machine that every Italian owns) with water then top it up with ground coffee, then wait for the coffee to “venire su” (to come up – basically the water goes all the way up to the half top of the pot) so I just give up and make an instant coffee, kettle on and it is me happy… until now…

The idea of owning a coffee machine is my husband’s dream; he’d love a huge super professional steam coffee machine. I could not care less, my dream machine would be one which is easy to use, fast and gives you a drink that tastes good…


I’ve always been a bit reluctant about coffee machines that work with pods so when I was asked to try the Mini Me Dolce Gusto I was more excited about the beautiful design of the machine itself thinking it would look amazing in my kitchen than the idea to make coffee. Let’s not forget the colourful pods that come with it!  I was happy to give it a go and my husband was curious to put it to the test and compare it to his beloved Caffettiera.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t like reading instructions so the easier the better and this machine really amazed me: making coffee could not be simpler! You just need to fill the tank of water at the back, press the button on the top, wait for the light to become green and add the chosen pod (for latte or cappuccino you would need to use 2 pods, one for the coffee and one for the milk). On the pod you can see the suggestion for the amount of water needed,  easily set it on the machine and your coffee it’s ready in literally 30 seconds!

Yes, it is that easy and the result is fantastic! Not only you get a tasty coffee at a perfect temperature (cannot stand when you go to a coffee shop and the coffee is so hot that you need to wait half an hour before drinking it) but the foam is fluffy and delicious and it smells amazing! The choice of flavours and combination is huge,  you literally become addicted and would like to try them all.

I wish I had taken a picture of my husband tasting his first espresso made with Dolce Gusto. The little foam that usually a professional coffee machine produces was there, great taste was there, he was seriously impressed. Knowing that I was never too keen on coffee, he asked me if he could take it to his office and I obviously said no. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this stylish looking coffee machine! To be honest the Dolce Gusto is actually pretty affordable so I might buy a second one just for his office.  The retail price is just RRP £99 and it comes with a free starter pack. The pods are £3.68 a pack but often you can find a deal  3 for £10 at Asda.

And if you don’t like coffee, you can always try a delicious hot chocolate ” Chococino” which again comes with a caramel twist or just plain chocolate, or you can try one of the teas available. Worth to mention that Dolce Gusto not only makes hot drinks but it gives you the option with a simple switch of a button to make a cold one, cool eh?

Love it, love it, love it, I could not recommend this machine enough especially because at the beginning I was pretty diffident about it and  then it totally won me over.

If I had to rate this coffee machine I would go for 9/10 and I take that point off only because I think it’s such a pity to have to waste the colourful coffee pods which obviously can only be used once.

If you are a coffee lover or not, if you drink lots of coffee or just the odd one, trust me,  The Dolce Gusto Mini Me IS the machine you want.