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Nurturing our children’s skin

I have to admit, I’m not the best person when it comes to be consistent and look after my skin. I never remember to mosturise it, I hate the feeling of a greasy cream on my skin and I just don’t have the patience to wait for the cream to be absorbed.

BUT  when it comes to my children then it’s a totally different story.

aveeno skin care

I remember since Leonardo was born I’ve always had to use a moisturising cream on his skin, especially on his legs which showed many dry patches. The doctor adviced us to try Aveeno and we have used it ever since because it made the difference.

It’s really heartbreaking when you see your little one bothered by dry or itchy skin so I think it’s quite important to find the right product that actually works in relieving the symptoms of a sensitive skin.

Leonardo's first bath

We were very excited to receive a parcel with many Aveeno products and the new AVEENO® children’s book! The book which shows the dry-venture of Ellie and Eddie, a girl and her bestfriend geko, was created to help parents and children address and manage the difficulties of having dry eczema prone skin in a fun and easy way .

Beatrice loves it and we often read it together and talk about the importance of keeping our skin mosturised especially after a bath and during these cold months. In the last few weeks Bee has been spending so much time outside and as temperatures drop, the tendency to develop a dry skin is higher.

aveeno book

This book has helped us making moisturising time a fun moment. It has become a daily routine and while we apply our moisturiser, we usually talk about the little girl in the book and how she enjoys, like we do, the feeling of a smooth and soft skin.

aveeno solutions

The Aveeno dry skin range includes the Aveeno cream, the Aveeno bath and shower oil and the Aveeno lotion. They all include naturally active ingredients that help to effectively soothe and comfort a sensitive skin.  If you or your children have a dry eczema-prone skin I’d definitely recommend these products.

aveeno cream