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My frozen cake pop Advent Calendar

Our Christmas countdown has started! Creating an advent calendar has always been a tradition in our family and I’m very keen to carry on with it as I love to see my children’s excitement growing daily!


This Christmas will be a special one! We are going to be celebrating with my mum and my sister who will come over from Italy! The last time we had Christmas all together in Scotland was more than 10 years ago so you can imagine our happiness!

In the meantime this week we have been very busy baking (and eating) many, many cake pops! I wanted to create a set of Christmas cake pops and then make a few more (well a bit more than a few) to use them for our edible advent calendar.

cake pops


Last year, for our Christmas countdown, I made my first cake pop advent calendar and it was such a success so I decided to make another one this year.

edible cake pop advent calendarTo make the Advent Calendar I baked 24 cake pops using a cake pop machine (easy!). I coverd them in white chocolate, sprinkled with light blue sugar and placed on each one an edible number which is made out of light blue fondant. My husband helped me to create the actual tree where we inserted all cake pops and voila! A Frozen Advent Calendar was ready!


Last year we didn’t succeed to make it last till Christmas eve (not even sure if the cake pops last that long outside the fridge lol!) and this year will probably be the same as the kids have already asked to have “one, just one cake pop pleaaaase mummy”.

Christmas countdownTo be honest I  have a backup plan anyway as we’ll actually be filling a second advent calendar, a red wooden one shaped like a house, with little treats and we have a “strict policy” regarding this one: Bee can only open one draw per day and if she opens more than one then the next day she’ll find the draw empty (it happened last year!)

edible frozen advent calendar

I cannot wait for Bee to come home from nursery today and see her face when she finds out that in the middle of her toys, two treats are waiting for her!

surprise advent calendar

Cake pops are well loved in this family so I guess I have started a tradition of edible Advent Calendars that will make it last in the years to come.

frozen advent calendar