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Baba Restaurant – Edinburgh

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to be invited by the lovely Kylie from Edinburgh Gossip Girls to try a new restaurant in George St.

Baba restaurant opened the 15th of November and the magnificent food they offer is inspired by the flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

Can I first start by saying that when it comes to food I’m extremely picky… I like fresh, simple flavours and I’ve never been really keen of spices, etc . This restaurant opened my eyes and I can honestly say I experience one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

At our arrival we were welcomed by one of the owners who offered us a lovely cocktail at the bar area. The decor is gorgeous, I loved the dark, warm colour and the quirky bar decor.

We then got sat at the table and were presented with a cocktail menu to die for. The choice of peculiar drinks was amazing; check out the ingredients!

I opted for a non alcoholic drink (I know right!) and it just blew me away.

We then went into the food and not knowing the dishes, I wasn’t sure what to order so they just brought us basically everything they had on the menu!

We had a full selection of incredibly tasty tapas. One tasted completely different than the other, unique flavours and presentations, I cannot even tell you which one I preferred as they all were delicious!

These haggis and harissa kibbeh were amazing!

We then tried cauliflower fritters with zhug (Yemenite Hot Sauce With Cilantro and Parsley) and creme fraiche

More dips to eat with freshly grilled pitta bread

I’m usually not keen on lamb but this one was so good.

Followed by squid, merguez sausage and salmorejo, so tender!

And chuck eye steak, so tasty!

More amazing cocktails…

Although I was incredibly full , I couldn’t say no to dessert and it was so worth it!

Light and delicious.

Honestly you must book a table at this new restaurant. Their cuisine is SO unique. Not only the food tasted incredible but the presentation was just spot on.  Trust me, you will be surprised at the amazing flavours you will experience.

My night out at the Skerriers Restaurant – Edinburgh

Photo – Kevin McGarry

I often say that I love spending my evenings at home, watching a movie, checking my social media accounts BUT as soon as I get invited to an event I just jump out of my comfy clothes and I’m quickly ready to party!

And this happened few weeks ago when I was invited to the a gastro night at the Dunstane Boutique Hotel which was celebrating the arrival of a newly appointed Chef Paul Hood, son of Scotland’s first Michelin Star Chef. My husband was too tired to come with me so I called a friend of ours and we went along to the lovely soiree.


We had the chance to taste quality Orcadian food presented in such a sophisticated way.


And had a lovely chat with Chef Paul Hood who is incredibly talented and a very funny guy too


And we had more canapes accompanied by Orcadian beer


Paul wish was to create traditional Orcadian dishes with a twist. And I think he was spot on because he created a new unique menu which includes decadent dishes like Orkney Crab, Gressingham Duck and Sea Bass and this succulent Roast Loin of Highland Wild Venison

Edinburgh’s Skerries Restaurant for a special Orcadian Gastro NightPhoto – Kevin McGarry

I had the pleasure to meet the talented photographer Kevin McGarry


Here I am having a good time with Paul Hood and Masterchef winner Jamie Scott


Thank you Posh Agency for inviting me to celebrate Skerriers new Chef and have the pleasure to enjoy great food and meet charming new people.

Will definitely need to “drag” my husband to taste Orcadian dishes soon!

Macaron, Je t’aime

The first time I tried Macarons (just remember with one “o” ma-ca-rons) it was few years ago and I immediately fell in love with them (obviously!). The light crunch, the soft inside and the tasty filling… just divine! Imagine when I found out a new Macarons place was opening in Edinburgh! I was so excited, and there was a lot to be excited for…  oh la la!

This wonderful new pâtisserie is located on Grindlay Street, a lovely Edinburgh corner whose background is the majestic castle. As soon as you step into the shop though, you forget you are in the Scottish capital and you feel like you are entering a petite sweet boutique in Paris.

When I first arrived I was welcomed by the lovely Mademoiselle Macaron Rachel, the clever mind behind the business, and Caroline, a sweet french lady who creates amazing vintage dresses (many of them showcased in the cafe) . I was clearly overly excited and I was probably being a bit too loud with my OOHHHH’s and AWWWWW’s at the view of this rainbow pyramid of Macarons .

A part from the colourful macarons of course, the thing that catched my eye was a beautiful handmade Tour Eiffel sculpture.

At Mademoiselle macaron you can not only taste amazing macarons but you can find other sweet treats like eclairs and croissants. The cafe offers a good choice of coffees,  you can opt for chocolate or tea so you just need to grab a comfortable seat and relax listening to some french tunes.

Macarons come in a big variety of flavours so the choice is yours (although I highly recommend to taste every single one of them because they are divine): pistachio, rasperry and fleur d’orange, just to name a few but if you are more tempted to try something different then go for lavender or chocolate and passionfruit or .. hendricks gin, aaargh I love them all!

So much attention to details has been put into this shop.  This place is not a simple cafe, it is the ultimate french Macaron experience! In fact while you sip your tea or coffee you can relax on one of the chaises long while admiring the view on Edinburgh castle. I mean seriously, how many places can offer Paris and Edinburgh in one go?

If you are up for the challenge Mademoiselle Macaron runs classes too! You can learn all the secrets of how to make these beauties in a 3 hours course where you will make 5 different flavour macarons and have the opportunity to take plenty home for your friends and family to enjoy!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening soirée and I had so much fun not only tasting these lovely treats but meeting gorgeous, incredibly friendly people, For everyone who was keen to change hairstyle for the night,  two super talented ladies from Lipstick Lashes and Locks  were ready to transform you and get the Brigitte Bardot look with a quick but effective beehive, the typical hair look from the 1960’s.  How wonderful!

If you going in for a treat,  have a look as well at the wonderful fabrics on the wall and why not have your measurements taken and get your next vintage dress custom made by the lovely Caroline from La Robe à Caro.

  If you are in the area and on the go then you can grab these Take away coffee with Macaron inbuild!

How fabulous is this Macaron Tower?

I seriously cannot wait to visit again this place: the tasty macarons, the chic decor, the friendly customer service, you will fall in love with Mademoiselle Macaron too. Fabulous place, another gem you cannot miss in the lovely Edinburgh.

À bientôt!