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Valentine’s love? Not quite yet

Christmas has passed and all I can see now all over the web it’s hearts, love messages, Valentine’s cards. NO NO NO!!

It’s January for crying out loud! This is like seen Christmas decorations in September!  Valentine’s day is still more than a month away so this is so wrong.

January is a kind of boring month for me and only few days ago I was wondering what excuse I had to find to bake and celebrate something. Then I phoned my sister in Italy and she said to me: “Do you know what day is today??”  “mhh well not really..” and she said “It’s the first day of Carnival!!”


I never understood why in the UK  Carnival is not celebrated seen that people like to dress up throughout the year in silly costumes anyway. It’s such an awesome time of the year and it reminds me of many Carnival parties when we were little and we used to plan weeks ahead what we would have liked to dress up as so our mum could sew the costumes.

Then we used to go to nursery/school, all dressed up as our favourite characters and show off to our friends. On the top of my mind I remember dressing up as princess (obviously), as little devil, as Morticia Addams (this was repeated for many years due to my pale skin and long black hair!).

Here, nothing…

But, I can still celebrate Carnival in my house by preparing something, like I did last year, some typical Italian Carnival sweets. Last year I made Frittelle (Carnival doughtnuts), this year I want to try and make Crostoli, well at least it’s how we call them in the north, my husband would have probably used the word Frappe.

Stay tuned! In the meantime a picture of myself dressed up for Carnival