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Mini Gingerbread village

I warned you I had so many projects in mind for Christmas! I cannot remember to have prepared so much gingerbread dough like this year. I used the same recipe I followed when I baked my big gingerbread house.

These mini gingerbread houses were a must as I’ve been looking at pictureson Pinterest and I found them adorable!


Being so small, they were quite difficult to assemble but Bee and I had much fun putting the sugar decorations on.

IMG_7653 IMG_7667

We sprinkled some icing sugar on the top and they were ready.

This is my favourite! The roof is made out of almond flakes.

We originally placed the village under the tree but the cats loved them too so we had to move them elsewhere.

I have another small gingerbread project to share with you and then we will be ready for Christmas!


Into the Christmas spirit week 2: how to make a Gingerbread house

I am so excited to show you this as I’ve been thinking of making one for years but then I never had the patience and I could never find the time. Now that I’m pregnant and I have a daughter I found both πŸ™‚

I got the recipe from the website where there is a video which will show you step by step instructions for the preparation of this beautiful Gingerbread house.

Here are MY step by step pictures of a very funny and sweet afternoon with my beautiful helper Beatrice the Elf!

First we had to prepare the dough for the gingerbread house and to do this we had to mix various sticky ingredients and put them on a heat to gently melt them.

Add the flour mix to the melted ingredients

You should get a sticky shiny dough

Then roll the dough out and cut different shapes for the house. (You can see how sticky the dough is by looking at my fingerprints on the cardboard shape!)

And make more shapes for the house.

Tree andΒ  few gingerbread men to decorate the garden.

Don’t forget to put someΒ  boiled sweets in the windows. As they will melt in the oven they will create a stained glass effect. Pretty!

After baking the gingerbread house your house will smell divine!

And now it’s time to prepare the royal icing by adding little water to icing sugar.

Both very concentrated…

A very happy Elf!

Here we are, we start building our creation!

Need some more icing on the edges…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

And now fun time adding all the sweets (or what was left after trying them all!)

Lots and lots of icing sugar to create a truly unique Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Tree, letter box, gingerbread man.

Check out the cinnamon logs.

Gingerbread house side to show the stained glass windows

Looks like hard work but trust me it’s really rewarding and you will remember it forever “When we built the gingerbread house together…”