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I am a lucky mamma

Today, especially today, I feel like the luckiest person ever.

I’ve been following this incredible brave mum and her blog for quite a while now. Two years ago today, she lost her 9 months old daughter to SIDS and I cannot help but be moved to tears every time I read her blog, every time I see her pics on Instagram, every time I feel her pain through her words…

As a mom. I just CAN-NOT imagine how hard it must be. I wish I could do something to alleviate her pain, her struggle to keep living and fighting for the sake of her other precious children. I just pray… every day Matilda and her family are in my prayers.

It’s crazy how you can feel so close to someone you don’t even know…I guess motherhood keeps us all in the same pod and if someone feels the pain then we share it all together. I’d hope that knowing how much love we all feel for her could do a teeny tiny fraction of good but I guess the pain is so immense that it’s almost impossible to bear it…

Today, particularly today, I feel lucky, I know I am lucky.

I’ve got two gorgeous cheeky children who I adore with all my heart and I don’t think my life would ever make sense without them. It’s moments like this when you stop, once more, and you reflect.. and you feel silly for the many times you got crossed over worthless matters and for a fraction you forgot the real joy of life: every day moments with your loved ones, simple acts that make your life worth living.

my life

Every morning my children leave the house with their dad to go to nursery. They kiss me goodbye until I see them again in the afternoon.

For a while now, I’ve been teaching Leonardo to give me a kiss before he leaves the house. I usually have to call him and say “Give a big kiss to mamma!” so he stops, turns back and gives me a kiss (most of the time wetting my whole face! lol). This morning while I was tying Bee’s shoes, I could see Leo going out the door then, without me saying anything, he stopped came towards me with his little feet and with a smile he stamped a kiss on my lips…

It was precious… it meant the world to me… It was one of those moments when you feel your heart exploding because there is so much love.

my loves

For this and for many other little-BIG moments of my life,  I am extremely grateful…

Today, once more, I feel lucky.

10 things I’m grateful for today

Once you become a mother the simplest things can make your day. I personally  just learned to appreciate that sometimes little things can make a difference in your daily life. These are the ones I’m grateful for today:

– Leo napped for 1 hour 45 minutes

– Beatrice learned to load the dishwasher

– Romeo didn’t throw up on the floor

– We stuck balloons on our heads

– My husband cleaned the cat’s litter

– Mother in law left this morning

– My husband filled up my car with petrol

– The sun was shining

– I bought a yummy panettone for only £3.99

– Daddy played guitar with Leo

Life is good…