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Ghostly Halloween

I’m getting ridicously addicted to Pinterest and more I look at the fab dessert tables more I want to create them myself.

When I was living in Italy we never really celebrated Halloween and to be honest I’m still not 100% comfortable seeing coffins and skeletons on my table. Therefore I decided to chose a less scary theme and celebrate a black and white Halloween adding only a touch of autumn colours.


The centrepiece had to be this cake. You cannot imagine the amount of black gel colour I had to use to make it so dark to create the dramatic look.


For these milk bottles I used free printables from

To make these ghostly cupcakes I made simple chocolate cupcakes and covered them in buttercream. To make the ghosts stand up I used mini cola lollipops.

Ghostly vanilla cookies covered with royal icing.

Bats and black cats vanilla cookies covered in black royal icing with silver edible pearls.

I just loved the idea of painting  the pumpkins white although it took me a while to do it and ages to dry them (Scottish weather obviously didn’t help!)

Happy Halloween!


I had my bit of fun, now I can go back and be a mamma 🙂