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Stylish gifts to impress

A few weeks ago, while I was checking out new Instagram accounts, I stumbled upon these gorgeous products and quickly fell in love with them.

goos-mugWrendale Designs is a company founded by Hannah Dale who inspired by the glorious Lincolnshire countryside and the outdoor life, started to paint hares. Her passion for painting animals quickly became a successful business and it’s not hard to understand why.


Her creations which now includes illustrations of pheasants, ducks, dogs, hens, are incredibly stunning because they capture the personality and character of these beautiful animals.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with these stylish greeting cards! I particularly love the one with the foxes as it reminds me of  the beautiful fox I used to feed in my back garden last year.


And what about their fine range of china mugs… Look at this beautiful one featuring a hare.


and there is a message inside

the-hare-mugOr this sophisticated range of stationery products featuring many countryside animals…



If you are stuck for ideas for Christmas presents, you must visit their website to see all their wonderful creations.

Not only you will find the finest greeting cards and prints but many more products like the new range of gorgeous kitchenware – from cake tins and canisters to Royal Worcester mugs and cake stands, they are just so unique!


I really hope I inspired you to find the perfect stylish gift for any occasion really. There is so much to choose from all the products that I’m sure you too will be amazed by their quality and quirky attention to detail.


I’m in no way affiliated with the company, I just love its products and wanted to share them with you