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Mummy’s superpowers

Last week  I was at home getting ready for a meeting with my boss about going back to work, so I was trying to make myself look decent after days spent looking like a tramp with my hair all over the place and no make up, yes that bad.

I managed to have a shower and I had my little monkey as a spectator. He was holding on to the edge of the bath amused to see mummy standing there under the water and laughing every now and then when some water reached his face.

When I came out of the shower I wanted to do my hair nicely in order to look presentable so I sat on the bed in front of the mirror and while I was blowdrying my hair my son decided it was feeding time so he leaned on me and he started sucking. I looked myself in the mirror and found it amazing… Us, mums. got superpowers! We can be multitasking every second of day, no matter what we are doing if our children need us we are there and we do it all!

So I started thinking how many times during a day I go through doing multitasking jobs. I  think I have developed superpowers which keep my childrens happy and the house functioning (and the husband content obviously!).So far I’ve got:

  • I can sleep few hours per night for weeks, sorry months! and still the next day I can function normally ie. I get the kids up and ready, go out for shopping, prepare lunch and dinner, doing washinmachines, cleaning the house, the cats, etc
  • I can breastfeed my baby while getting my daughter out of the bath and getting her ready for bed
  • I can wake up in the middle of the night and pop in my baby’s crib to breastfeed him and back to my bed up to 7 times without loosing it
  • I can change a dirty nappy without making any fuss (the same for cleaning sick, dribble, etc). My husband usually pulls his jumper up to cover his nose and STILL complains about the smell.
  • I can get both kids ready to go out in less than 15 minutes
  • I can be at the grocery checkout keeping my mojo while little one screams trying to stand up on the trolley seat and my daughter runs to the next toy machine available calling me out loud to get money to make it work
  • I can hear even the tiniest sound my baby produces so that I am ready to jump and go to check on him
  • I can go out for lunch, feed both my children, myself, clean their mess and have a normal conversation with my friends
  • I can do ANYTHING with one hand. My speciality (probably because I do this daily!) is getting the children out of the car carrying a 10 kg baby, my handbag, 4 grocery shopping bags while looking for house keys, lock the car and check my letter box
  • I can bath both kids, wash their hair, dry them and getting them ready for bed while making sure dinner is not burning
  • I can cook lunch and dinner for 10 days for 6 people while getting few hours sleep per night, having the flu and still being nice to my mother in law (this must be my best one!)
  • I can spot the tiniest piece of toy/food/thing on the floor and remove it before baby puts it in his mouth
  • I can organise a birthday party for 10 children plus parents at home, prepared all food, make a big Rapunzel cake while being 9 months pregnant

Least but not last, especially because it’s the most important and all the other superpowers depend on it,  I’ve got this amazing gift which gave meaning to my life, gave me the biggest joy I could have EVER imagined, the reason to live….

I can make people!

How’s that as a superpower!??!

Having children in your 30s – 10 reasons why you should

I just read that nearly half of the babies born in the Uk are to moms over 30. I am one of those mums and although I’ve always wanted to have kids quite early in life, sometimes things don’t work out the way you expected. With the time I realised that probably there were good reasons for that so after a quick thinking I came out with my 10 facts why you should trust that having babies in  your 30s is a good idea!

After 30:

  • you kind of  know better what you want from life and how to handle things (or at least you know what you don’t want!)
  • hopefully you have built a strong/secure relashionship with your partner
  • you have obtained a degree (gosh this pic looks like 1960’s – I promise I am not that old!)

  • you have achieved a good (decent!) career so you are financially more stable
  • you have already done crazy things (like holding this snake!) so now you can concentrate on your family (and do crazy things all together!)

  • you have had the chance to visit/lived in different countries ( our trip to Bali)
  • you have more patience
  • you have more experience
  • you are less selfish and willing to give more and take less (sharing bananas with this monkey for example)

  • you know what really matters and realised by now what’s important for you
  • you have the capacity and maturity to patiently raise your children (if you are not sleep deprived)

Some days like today though, after having spent two nights in and out my bed trying to sooth a teething/grumpy/fussy baby,  I wish I was 20 again and had the energy to bounce back like I used to do…

Never mind.

Just have babies, regardless of your age… they are the most wonderful thing you can EVER experience!