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Golden sweet celebration

Christmas has been a wonderful celebration with my whole family. After 10 years my mum and my sister made it to be here with us and knowing my mum’s sweet tooth,  I prepared a dessert table full of  yummy treats.

This year I was particularly obsessed to do something with golden colours therefore I used a gorgeous shiny golden table runner and various golden decorations from cupcake holders to Christmas stars to create a special Christmas dessert table.

In Italy this is the time of the year when we eat quite a lot of Torrone which is the Italian nougat made of honey, sugar, egg white, toasted almonds and other nuts. I decided to create a nougat cupcake and I was suprised no one had thought to make one before. So I just made the recipe up combining all ingredients that create the typical italian torrone taste.

torrone cupcakes

Christmas is not Christmas without Panettone! I made this gorgeous dessert the day before and then wrapped it in cling film to keep its freshness for the next day.

homemade panettone


I could not wait to make these! White chocolate covered Oreos are just wow!

oreo chocolate covered

golden table

holiday dessert table

Gingerbread tree and mini house cookies

little cookie village

nougat cupcakes

golden table for Christmas

It literally took me ages to make these decorated cookies but I was quite pleased with the final result and I used them as place cards on our Christmas table.

golden sweets

Golden dessert table

golden cookies

Ferrero rocher.. because you always needs a bit of chocolate!

Ferrero Rocher

Simple vanilla soft cookies filled with marmalade

Christmas tree cookies

Stack of star cookies, simple but pretty!

Cookie christmas tree

Torroncino cupcakes

We could not find our wooden Nativity in our attic so last minute I ordered specific cookie cutters and made a Nativitiy out of gingerbread cookies.

Cookie nativity

cookie tree

Christmas dessert table

Obviously most of these dessert didn’t make it to the New Year so it’s time to bake again! Happy New Year everyone!