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Edible cookie birthday card

On Monday it was Nonna Nuti’s birthday so we decided to do something different and.. baked! Haha yeah but we didn’t bake the usual birthday cake, instead we decided to bake Vanilla butter cookies and make an edible Birthday card!

Nonna Nuti lives in Italy therefore we virtually gave her the card during our Skype birthday party! And then WE ate it!

We started preparing the cookies earlier the same morning when Leonardo went for a nap. Bee and I made the dough and then cut the letters out.

Then we baked them, cool them off and created the card! It was easy and fun!

 And cookies were yummy!

Nom nom nom…

Let’s play with the letters!

If you would like to make them too, you can find step by step instructions in this post

Happy birthday Nonna Nuti!