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A year of pure love

I cannot believe in less than a month my little precious baby is going to be one!

Sometimes it’s been hard but being a mom is the most amazing experience someone can live and although I promised myself that this time I’d have cherished even more every single moment, it just went too fast! In the last 2 months Leo has developed so many new skills and doesn’t behave like a baby anymore.. he’s more indipendent (ouch!) and he’s become a little man showing strong signs of his own personality…

For the past year being Leo’s mum meant:

– kissing, more kissing and kissing again his precious soft skin most of the day

– feeling so much love in my heart every time he smiled at me, he fell asleep in my arms, he looked for me, he felt secure while feeding to my breast

– crying and feeling helpless when he had colics

– cuddling him, especially when he first fell or got upset

– feeling emotional when he first said mamma, when he started crawling and now when he took his first steps

– pulling faces to make him smile and then listening to his incredible funny laugh

– watching him bonding with his sister and getting so attached to her

– making him discover that there is other yummy food a part from breastmilk

– experiencing with him the feeling of water and seeing his passion for swimming growing

– watching him discover new things like music, nature

– teaching him to be kind to our kitties (not really working yet!)

– noticing his eyes sparkle every time I say “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”

– watching himĀ  play with a new toy

– protecting him, always

– falling in love again and again every day

I feel blessed, I really do… and every time I’m sad for any other reason, I need to remember that this was my dream, and my dream came true so nothing else matters.