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Coloured Mini Meringues

I’m all excited these days as I’ve started to organise Bee’s 5th birthday party so I’m super busy getting ideas from Pinterest, deciding what to bake, what games to do, how to organise the mini cupcake decoration session which I’m planning do to in between cake and games during her birthday.. many many things, and obviously I am loving it!

So far we only got the theme of the party and NOPE it’s not Frozen!!!! HURRRRAAAAYYYY!!!sweet meringuesBee has developed a liking for My Little Pony which I think it’s a fun, colourful and well… different cartoon! So the theme is set! Good! Now because of this theme I found myself googling rainbow cakes, rainbow decorations, sweets and while in the process, I came across of a picture that totally captured my attention: rainbow meringues!

They look loovely and super inviting so I decided to give it a go this week-end as I had some egg whites left in the fridge. I have to admit that in the past I’ve never been too keen on meringues as I think the texture is a bit funny for me.. I mean I get a weird feeling in my teeth when I bite meringues (just me?!!?)

BUT because they look sooo good, I had to make a batch!

colourful meringuesI found a great video tutorial online which I followed to the letter to see if I could really achieve the characteristic outer crispness typical of a meringue and the gooey bit in the inside. It worked!

I honestly never tasted meringues so delicious in my life! They are sweet but not sweet enough to stop eating them! Once you bite one you would NOT stop! Super yummy!

The recipe again, very easy, you just need to weight your egg whites and double the amount of sugar. Whisk them until you get a shiny consistency with hard peaks and you are ready to pipe them.crunchy meringuesDelicious! I’ll definitely make diffferent colours meringues for Bee’s party as they will look good on the dessert table along with other fun coloured desserts I’m planning to bake. Let’s get working!


Sofia The First party! Bee’s 4th birthday celebration

What, 4 already?!?! How’s that possible?

Time really flies and yes, my darling Bee turned 4 last week! We obviously threw a big theme party to celebrate it!

At the beginning it was a bit of a struggle deciding which theme choose for her birthday party as she kept changing her mind…one day was Peppa Pig, the next was Belle, then Snowhite, at some point she even mentioned Shrek (oh dear!). At the end I decided to stick to her favourite cartoon of the moment which is the Princess Sofia the First.

To get some inspiration I obviously spent incredible amounts of time on Pinterest and at then end I created a 3 tier vanilla sponge cake filled with strawberry jam, creme patissiere and ganache! The top cake was covered in fondant frills, the second layer had a geometrical decoration and white edible pearl, the bottom tier had oval fondant decorations to recreate Sofia the First skirt. It didn’t take me long to make the cake so overall I have to say this time I was almost stress free!

Browsing online, I found many Sofia the First free printables which I used to decorate the glass bottles, the sandwiches and the yoghurt pots. Regarding the yoghurt pots, I came very close to divorce my husband when I found out that, after all my efforts to have every single detail personalised “Sofia the First”, HE FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE CHILDREN’S TABLE! AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!

I was so mad!

In fact, a part from the small dessert table, there was a lovely table set for the children and each girl had a Sofia the First balloon filled with helium attached to the little chair. Plates, cups, napkins and yoghurt pots were Sofia the First. The children’s table was sprinkled with Sofia the First confetti and attached to the throne where my daughter sat, there was a giant ballon Sofia the first size (the picture below was taken in our house and I posted it just to show you how huge the balloon was :)).

So I DON’T have a picture of that table! My husband only took few random pictures of the children’s table and they are not even worth it to post here as the light is awful booooo!!

These cupcakes were topped with silver tiaras I made out of sugar and then painted with some silver lustre dust to make them sparkle. For these cupcakes I was glad to finally have found a recipe for the perfect frosting. The result was a very light, not too sweet frosting made with soft cream cheese, icing sugar and whipped cream YUUUM!

As a party venue we chose “Tigerlilys” Cafe which is an amazing jungle theme play centre in Edinburgh which has just recently opened. The place has 2 big soft play areas where children can play with many colourful soft toys while parents can relax on the comfortable sofas in the Cafe area. The toddlers room where all Bee’s friends spent one hour playing, only opened the week before the party so it was such an amazing discover for all the children invited to the birthday!

The room where we had the food was created to look like a strawberry (ceiling is red) hence the green backdrop which wasn’t ideal to match my purple party but we made it work 🙂

Ham and cheese Sofia the first sandwiches wrapped in Sofia the First paper.

These popcorn boxes were so easy to assemble, I found the free printable online here.

Vanilla cupcakes baked in my favourite paper cases!

Vanilla butter cookies covered in fondant.

The children had so much fun playing in the big soft play area and then enjoying the food in the “Berry Sweet” room. Before leaving each girl received a goody bag full of treats, a cupcake and a balloon. The party was a success!


PS – Please note the photobomb in this pic…lol!