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A picture is worth a thousand words

I’m usually pretty organised when it comes to choosing Christmas presents but this year I kind of left it all to the last minute.  Last week, while I was browsing online in the hope to find some original ideas for my family, I realised that what they would like the most, it is something that reminds them of their niblings. In fact, they always go on and on about not having enough pictures of them, so I thought a personalised gift with the picture of my children was a perfect gift choice.


A couple of years ago,  they really appreciated having their presents wrapped in personalised wrapping paper, so this year it had to be something different. In Italy, you would find that it is still quite common to see a calendar hung in the kitchen (I haven’t seen many over here) so we thought that making one with our children’s pictures was just what they’d wish for.


I opened my laptop and started looking for the most current pictures we could use and I put them all together using Snapfish.

I have to say I was impressed by the quality received and by the quick delivery. I thought I wouldn’t receive it on time so imagine my joy when the postman pushed it through the letterbox a whole week before Christmas!


The website gives you many options to arrange the pictures on the calendar. You can choose to add more than one per month and their size. You can pick a simple background like I did or you can get creative with different options available.


And while I was browsing their website, and noticed that there were many offers on, I decided to order another few personalised items which will be perfect stocking fillers.

Beatrice at the moment is obsessed with having her own keys. We told her that it’s a bit too early to have the keys for the house so we agreed to give her a “fake” set of keys to put in her own bag and pretend she’s a grown up.  I think even a better idea would be to use the photo keyring for her secret diary’s little keys so that perhaps she won’t moan about losing them anymore.


My mum, on the other side, needs to have as many keyrings as possible. She likes to put them all together so that when she reaches for the keys in the bag, she can easily find them. And what better idea than give her a keyring with the picture we recently took when we went to visit her?

She’ll be thrilled!


And while I was playing around on the website, I added a couple of personalised fridge magnets…


And a lovely phone case for my busy sister who is always on the go chatting on her mobile.

phone-case Done! By spending only one evening online, I sorted out many of my Christmas presents! It was actually good fun as I got to see many pictures which I take but never go back to check.

So if you are still stuck on Christmas presents ideas then check out the Snapfish website as there are still many great deals on most products and 2 x 1 on personalised mugs and Christmas ornaments.

Happy Christmas shopping!