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Having children in your 30s – 10 reasons why you should

I just read that nearly half of the babies born in the Uk are to moms over 30. I am one of those mums and although I’ve always wanted to have kids quite early in life, sometimes things don’t work out the way you expected. With the time I realised that probably there were good reasons for that so after a quick thinking I came out with my 10 facts why you should trust that having babies in  your 30s is a good idea!

After 30:

  • you kind of  know better what you want from life and how to handle things (or at least you know what you don’t want!)
  • hopefully you have built a strong/secure relashionship with your partner
  • you have obtained a degree (gosh this pic looks like 1960’s – I promise I am not that old!)

  • you have achieved a good (decent!) career so you are financially more stable
  • you have already done crazy things (like holding this snake!) so now you can concentrate on your family (and do crazy things all together!)

  • you have had the chance to visit/lived in different countries ( our trip to Bali)
  • you have more patience
  • you have more experience
  • you are less selfish and willing to give more and take less (sharing bananas with this monkey for example)

  • you know what really matters and realised by now what’s important for you
  • you have the capacity and maturity to patiently raise your children (if you are not sleep deprived)

Some days like today though, after having spent two nights in and out my bed trying to sooth a teething/grumpy/fussy baby,  I wish I was 20 again and had the energy to bounce back like I used to do…

Never mind.

Just have babies, regardless of your age… they are the most wonderful thing you can EVER experience!