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Packing and playing

If you follow my Facebook page (if you don’t just get over and see the pictures of our lovely new place!) you would know by now that in few weeks time we are moving to a house! Yes a house, with a garden , with a huge kitchen with so many bedrooms and bathrooms!  I cannot even believe it’s going to be our place.

Moving is exciting times but packing is literally endless.. endless! Obviously every time we moved from a flat to a bigger one we bought more stuff, more kitchen gadgets (never too many!) and more toys! We have alreay packed at least 5 boxes of toys and we have left a few outside which will entertain the children while we are busy boxing all our items.

Just recently we got our kids some Mega blocks and I can tell you I’M SO glad we did because in difficult times like moving house there is nothing better than find the perfect toys which will entertain your kids for hours! Every time we take them out of the lovely storage bag,  both Leo and Bee play on the floor with them for ages!

Just recently  Leo has learned to hit people, cats, furniture with anything he holds in his little hands. I think he just likes the noise that the object makes agains something or the screams from Bee when he runs after her with the intention to hit her.  Poor Bee..

What I like about the mega blocks is that they are fairly light but at the same time stable when the kids build towers, houses, etc. therefore when they play with them, Leo can only knock the towers Bee builds as he doesn’t get any reaction when he attempts to hit her with one of these light block (a big plus when you leave them alone playing together!). Plus Mega block come in a big zipped bag so it’s very handy to keep them tidy and especially to pack them as the last item to take with us in our moving!

I like watching them playing together and the blocks are definitely helping their social skill. Although they fight to get the biggest piece or a certain colour, I can see that often they try to build together a tower or they help each other fetching the blocks a bit far away.  I always liked these simple toys because they encourage creative play in children and they can teach them about colours, shapes and balance. Plus it’s one of the few games that they can actually play together. Bee and Leo have 3 years between each others and often Bee enjoys playing with toys that are far too big for Leo. Mega blocks are actually easy for young toddlers to handle but still much fun for pre-schoolers because they free their imagination.

I’m planning to buy more of these Mega blocks as  both my children enjoy them plus we have still many many hours of packing so I better get some quickly!