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Our nature holiday

 Last week we had a fantastic holiday at Center parcs in the Whinfell forest.


It was so relaxing spending some time outdoors immerse in the nature…


discovering dens…


walking around the lake…


making a fire…


and hunting for colourful mushrooms ( no touching just looking though!)


The kids didn’t stop running and playing from early morning till late night.



They were so excited!


Obviously spending so much time jumping and playing outside meant the kids were super hungry!

Nothing to worry as mummy had packed the perfect snack!


We recently discovered these portables fromage frais tubes, yoghurt pouches and delicious drinkable yoghurts from Yoplait.


Available in Strawberry, Red Berry, Peach, and Banana flavours, Frubes contain vitamin D and calcium for strong bones, so everyone wins.

They were perfect to carry around wherever we were going.


One night back at our lodge, we checked the awesome dance-off  created by Frubes to celebrate Frubes’ partnership with the must-see family film of the year, The Angry Birds Movie. And after playing with it the next day the kids decided to try some of the Frubes moves….




ok you got it


What a fantastic holiday!

For once the whole family was on the move all together cycling, running, walking and playing silly!


And after a long day of activities we hit back home for more treats in our beautiful lodge!


Drinking Frubes and having an Halloween party!



It was so hard leaving this peaceful place but I’m sure we’ll go back soon!


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Our “firsts” precious moments

My mum always tells me that I’m obsessed about taking pictures of every single moment which involves my kids. Only last night I was going through all the pictures I saved on my laptop and I re-discovered so many memories I almost forgot happened.. there is always so much going on with kids that I need some photographic help to put every precious moment together.

I especially love the pictures about our “firsts”…

Like the time when Leonardo rode his beloved motorbike (well daddy’s beloved motorbike)first time riding a motorbike

or the time when Beatrice rode for the first time a pony (and I almost got kicked by one!)


The first attempt at blowing a dandelion..

or driving a tractor


the first time we fed a cow

feeding cows

or when we fed a lamb

first time feeding a lamb

Leonard blowing out his first candles

first time blowing a candle

or clearly showing signs that he’ll be an Italian style driver…

Talking about Italians.. what about the first time we got to pose with my mum’s neighbors Ferrari?


or when we went through a whole packet of Tic Tac to have Leonardo stay still for his first hair cut
first haircut

Bee’s first time at the movies


First time picking pumpkins


or just a simple first time, finally enjoying some warm weather (in what it looks like a jungle but it’s actually our garden waiting for a makeover!)



and trying the new “My First Petits Filous”


I was glad to discover than these particular little fromage frais have a low sugar content so not only can be given to children from the age of 6 months but when my kids ask me for another one (which obviously happened today) I can happily say yes!


Because the main ingredient is just milk and all the ingredients are 100% naturally sourced, parents can rest assured that there are no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or added preservatives. Amen to that!

Today Petits Filous was the perfect fresh snack for this warm weather, the kids devoured it!


And these were just a few best “firsts”. Looking forward to many more!

*This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge,  by Petits Filous 

We are ALWAYS better with cake

The weather is turning for the better and we have started to make the best out of it by enjoying our gorgeous outdoors and spending more time in our garden.

Easter Monday was incredibly sunny and warm, we could not have chosen a better day for a little treat (or two) outside in the sun.


We moved the kids’ table and chairs outside, Bee invited her best friend over and all together (mummy and granny too!) we enjoyed some yummy cake.

For once I didn’t bake but took some yummy Kipling cakes out of the cabinet and laid them on pretty cake stands.


 I had troubles keeping the kids away from these delicious cakes while I was setting them on the cake stand.

We had Cherry Bakewells, French Fancies and Viennese Whirls.


These pretty colourful little cakes made the afternoon snack a delicious break.


After having played for hours the kids were hungry and clearly delighted to be in for such a treat.

Plus they could not believe mummy was allowing them to eat so much cake!


 Look at their faces! Sooo happy!


 What a brilliant afternoon we had and  I enjoyed the cake to the fullest as for once I didn’t spend time baking it!

*This post is an entry for #betterwithcake Linky challenge,  by Mr Kipling. Learn more over on the Mr Kipling facebook page!