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Nutella mini dessert table

This year Nutella is 50 years old and knowing my husband’s love for this chocolate spread, I decided to make a mini dessert table and bake a delicious three layer chocolate cake filled with Nutella frosting!

To accompaign this gorgeous cake, I made a few changes to my mum’s traditional Tiramisù recipe and created my very own Nutella Tiramisù recipe! It’s easy and quick to make it, try it too!

Nutella Tiramisù recipe for 4 people

  • 2 tbsp of Nutella (100 g)
  • 100 ml of cold coffee
  • 8 Ladyfinger biscuits (I used square ones but any shape will do)
  • 3 eggs
  • 250 g of mascarpone
  • 100 gr caster sugar + 1tbsp
  • Cocoa powder

Prepare some coffee (it’s up to you if you want to use instant coffee or espresso), add 1 tbsp of sugar, stir it and leave it aside.

In a bow whip the egg yolks with the sugar till they reach a pale colour. Add the mascarpone and mix for a minute or so (make sure you don’t overmix).

Put the Nutella in a ceramic bowl and heat it in the microwave for 10 sec at the time until you see it starts melting. Let it cool for a couple of minutes. In the meantime beat the eggwhites to stiff peaks and when the Nutella has cooled down fold (don’t beat) the eggwhites in to keep the mixture light and airy.

Pour some coffee in a shallow dish.

Dip the sponge fingers biscuits one at a time, turning for a few secs until they are soaked, but not soggy. Place them at the bottom of a glass and starting with the mascarpone cream, pour layers of cream in each glass, alternate between mascarpone cream, nutella cream and soaked sponge finger biscuits.

When you have filled all 4 glasses, dust some cocoa powder on the top.

Ideally you’d need to refrigerate the Tiramisù for at least 3 hours before serving. If you really want to make it super rich, then you could top each glass with some whipped cream! YUM!

If you love Nutella and you cannot have enough even during the summer, Nutella Tiramisù is the perfect Summer Sweet Treat to end your meal: it’s light and fluffy and DELICIOUS!

TIP: I knew my daughter would have wanted to eat a portion of Tiramisù, so I prepared one just for her replacing the coffee with a mixture of chocolate powder and warm water (or milk if you prefer) .

For the chocolate Nutella cake I followed the recipe from Sweetapolita but made a few changes.

Instead of vegetable oil I used melted butter and I didn’t add any coffee to the cake mixture.

I lowered the amount of sugar used for the cake mix: instead of using 450gr of sugar I used 350gr purely because I didn’t want my cake to be too sweet (so that I can enjoy more slices! LOL!).

The last thing I changed is the amount of sugar used to make the frosting to cover the cake. Instead of 565gr of powder sugar I used 400gr. I know more sugar is better when it comes to cover the cake and have a smooth result but I just cannot stand too much sweet when I bite a slice (or two) of cake.

If you want to impress your friend chocolate lovers THIS is the cake to bake! Enjoy!

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Macaron, Je t’aime

The first time I tried Macarons (just remember with one “o” ma-ca-rons) it was few years ago and I immediately fell in love with them (obviously!). The light crunch, the soft inside and the tasty filling… just divine! Imagine when I found out a new Macarons place was opening in Edinburgh! I was so excited, and there was a lot to be excited for…  oh la la!

This wonderful new pâtisserie is located on Grindlay Street, a lovely Edinburgh corner whose background is the majestic castle. As soon as you step into the shop though, you forget you are in the Scottish capital and you feel like you are entering a petite sweet boutique in Paris.

When I first arrived I was welcomed by the lovely Mademoiselle Macaron Rachel, the clever mind behind the business, and Caroline, a sweet french lady who creates amazing vintage dresses (many of them showcased in the cafe) . I was clearly overly excited and I was probably being a bit too loud with my OOHHHH’s and AWWWWW’s at the view of this rainbow pyramid of Macarons .

A part from the colourful macarons of course, the thing that catched my eye was a beautiful handmade Tour Eiffel sculpture.

At Mademoiselle macaron you can not only taste amazing macarons but you can find other sweet treats like eclairs and croissants. The cafe offers a good choice of coffees,  you can opt for chocolate or tea so you just need to grab a comfortable seat and relax listening to some french tunes.

Macarons come in a big variety of flavours so the choice is yours (although I highly recommend to taste every single one of them because they are divine): pistachio, rasperry and fleur d’orange, just to name a few but if you are more tempted to try something different then go for lavender or chocolate and passionfruit or .. hendricks gin, aaargh I love them all!

So much attention to details has been put into this shop.  This place is not a simple cafe, it is the ultimate french Macaron experience! In fact while you sip your tea or coffee you can relax on one of the chaises long while admiring the view on Edinburgh castle. I mean seriously, how many places can offer Paris and Edinburgh in one go?

If you are up for the challenge Mademoiselle Macaron runs classes too! You can learn all the secrets of how to make these beauties in a 3 hours course where you will make 5 different flavour macarons and have the opportunity to take plenty home for your friends and family to enjoy!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening soirée and I had so much fun not only tasting these lovely treats but meeting gorgeous, incredibly friendly people, For everyone who was keen to change hairstyle for the night,  two super talented ladies from Lipstick Lashes and Locks  were ready to transform you and get the Brigitte Bardot look with a quick but effective beehive, the typical hair look from the 1960’s.  How wonderful!

If you going in for a treat,  have a look as well at the wonderful fabrics on the wall and why not have your measurements taken and get your next vintage dress custom made by the lovely Caroline from La Robe à Caro.

  If you are in the area and on the go then you can grab these Take away coffee with Macaron inbuild!

How fabulous is this Macaron Tower?

I seriously cannot wait to visit again this place: the tasty macarons, the chic decor, the friendly customer service, you will fall in love with Mademoiselle Macaron too. Fabulous place, another gem you cannot miss in the lovely Edinburgh.

À bientôt!

Celebrating family time in our kitchen

As a family we tend to spend most of our time together around the kitchen. A part from using the kitchen table to have our meals, colouring books, playing games, we all love eating good food therefore my children love watching mummy preparing nice meals and baking scrumptions cakes (and watching daddy eating them) so I can easily say that the heart of our home is our Kitchen.

Last Sunday for Father’s day, we decided to prepare something all together.  We opted for Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes covered with Nutella frosting! Bee was the first one to put her apron on and impatiently waited for mummy to give her tasks to do.

She’s usually in charge of breaking the eggs (somehow she loves it!LOL) and then adding the ingredients inside (quite a lot outside too) the mixer. She looks so concentrated when she bakes along with me, it’s actually quite funny to watch!

Making these Nutella cupcakes is dead easy. I used my usual Vanilla cupcake recipe and I added to tbsp of cocoa powder to that.

For the frosting I just went with what I thought would create a yummy frosting so I mixed together:

– 100gr of Nutella

– 100gr of sifted icing sugar

– 80 ml of heavy cream

and once I had a creamy smooth consistency, I  put it in the fridge and left it for an hour or so before piping it on the cupcakes.

Tip: make a little hole and take some of the cake off from each cupcake so that you get more frosting in it!

“Hey daddy, do we look good in pink?”

This time Leonardo gave it a go too. He was mainly attracted to the noise that the mixer was making so he wanted to come closer and have a better look at what was going on.

Leonardo little chef

I had a fraction of a second where I thought nobody was looking so I quickly licked the mixture off my fingers but.. daddy caught me!

Daddy usually is in charge of entertaining the kids while mummy carefully puts the cupcakes in the oven.

A little fight broke over who was going to play with the cakepop mould…

Yummy chocolate cupcakes are rising well!

Bee is the happiest kid when she spends time helping to bake in the kitchen and if her adorable father is next to her, then there is nothing better!

“Mummy look, daddy is all mine!” I know, I know…

I truly enjoy baking and cooking, it totally relaxes me. But then it comes the time to tidy all up and I swear I cannot be bothered to rinse it all and clean well all the dishes before loading them into my dishwasher (like my mum thought me to do – sorry mum!). I found that by using Fairy Platinum, I really don’t need to do any particular pre-wash in the sink because my dishes still come out clean and shiny so why not use that time in a better way, ie frosting the cupcakes with a delicious Nutella topping ?

Perfect! A fresh strawberry on the top and voila’

We are all happy now, we prepared lovely cupcakes for daddy’s day and we just cannot wait to taste them ( in fact Bee is smiling in this picture but she was kind of getting a bit impatient as she had already been asking to eat a cupcake for 10 minutes!)

 Leonardo is looking pretty eager to get his hands on that frosting too!

 “Mummy, stop taking pictures, can I eat it now?!?”

Love and sweets, what else do you need in your family?!?

And this is how we spend amazing family time in our kitchen, laughing, playing and making the most out of every daily celebration!

I caught all three of you! Happy days!


*This post is an entry for the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, in collaboration with Fairy Platinum

Yellow Pantone party!

Happyyy biiiiirthdaaaayyyy to youuuuu!!! Tanti auuuguuuriiii a teeee!!!

This is my Pantone dessert table created for my graphic designer husband for his birthday. He LOOOVED IT! Thank God because I was literally fainting after having baked and prepared all these sweets!

I knew recently he was getting obsessed with the yellow colour so I thought to use it for this dessert table combined with the Pantone theme. He was happy to create food cards and food wrappers which I think gave a personal touch to the table. He made the personalised giant poster which is the perfect backdrop for this table!

I prepared different types of sweets to give variety to the table and although I swore not to make cakepops again ( I end up eating too much chocolate while making them and it’s really hard to shape them round!),  they look so good on a dessert table! These were vanilla cakepops covered with vanilla chocolate.

I then made orange pannacotta.

I filled the juice dispenser with Pinapple juice and decorated some milk bottles with a customized Pantone wrapper

Vanilla cupcakes decorated with Swiss meringue buttercream

Marshmallow dipped in chocolate

I loved the idea to cover some chocolate bars with a customized wrapper

I made these vanilla cookies in advance and covered with royal icing. They looked great at the beginning but unfortunately they turned out a bit bumpy after a day 🙁

Two tiers vanilla madeira cake filled with custard

Vanilla sponge filled with jam and decorated with syrup peaches and swiss meringue buttercream


Buon compleanno Amore!