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Toad in the hole

Eggciting meals

I’ve recently become a member of the Happy Egg co. Taste 100 Blogger Network.

Happy Egg are the Uk’s number one free range egg brand and it’s because they believe that happy hens lay happy eggs that their eggs definitely taste better!  I was kindly sent a voucher to buy some of their eggs so here are my tasty recipes made using Happy Egg free range eggs.

  1. My husband is obsessed with Nutella so he was over the moon when he came home from work and found this Nutella and Ricotta pie

Shortcrust pastry

Nutella pie

Nutella and Ricotta pie

Ricotta and Nutella pie

The whole family enjoyed this pie so much that the next day I decided to make another one.  This time I filled it with raspberry jam, simple but gorgeous and the kids loved it!

shortcrust pastry


Raspberry pie

The week after I made a simple Vanilla sponge and filled it with fresh lemon curd. I followed the same recipe I used for my lemon  meringue cupcakes.

lemon curd
Lemon curd
Vanilla sponge filled with lemon curd
Vanilla sponge filled with lemon curd

You cannot have yummy eggs in your fridge and not want to cook a tasty Carbonara pasta


Carbonara pasta

And finally this was my first attempt at making Toad in the hole

tod in the hole


Toad in the hole

Next week I’ll be taking the challenge to create an alternative recipe with scrambled eggs.