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treats for teachers

School’s out, treats are in!

Yesterday was Beatrice’s last day at school.

It was a very emotional day as she won’t be attending this school next year so there were many goodbyes to her lovely friends and teachers, lots of pictures taken to remember another milestone in her precious life.

best friends

When I arrived, all classes were already out ready to say goodbye one to another and it was a magical atmosphere full of joy and laughter.

schools out

Please notice my wrinkles are wrinkles of joy!!

mamma and daughter

Nonna Marta looking rather overwhelmed…

last day at school

I spent this week preparing treats not only for the teachers but for the lollipop lady and for the lollipop man who kindly and patiently looked after the children day in day out during school terms. For them I baked some cookies with the lollipop sign.

lollipop cookies

I sealed the bags with this lovely “home made” stickers I bought online.

end of school treats

For the teachers I bakes some vanilla cookies, I covered them in black fondant so they looked like boards.  To make the chalks I melted some colorful chocolate candies and fill giant straw to give them the right shape.

It was so tricky to write the message on the board as the chalks kept melting in my hands (it’s chocolate duh!)

edible chalk

For her main teacher and head teacher I prepared some school’s out themed cupcakes with edible toppers which included pencils, rulers, little books and apples.

schools out vanilla cupcakes

edible toppers

board cookies

Boxed them in a lovely gift box

treats for teachers

edible mini books

edible cookie board and chalk

I found these cutie thank you teacher bags which were perfect to carry the cupcakes boxes.

thank you teacher

Mrs Callander has been a special, wonderful teacher to Beatrice and Beatrice will miss her a lot!

best teacher

Now the tricky bit is.. what am I going to do at home with this monkey for the next 6 weeks!??!