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Leonardo’s first birthday! – Part one

SNAP! A year has gone by so quickly and here we are celebrating my son’s FIRST birthday! All my family came over from Italy so we took the occasion to have him baptised too and we had a big party with fab food, lots of cake and obviously Prosecco!

For this party I planned to create a Carousel dessert table and I challenged myself to create a 3 tier carousel cake (yes, there is a hidden cake under the cone too!)…it literallly drove me mad! At one point I was ready to throw everything out of the window. Lucky my husband came to help me and together we finished decorating what it felt like an endless cake job!

Because we took many pictures of the beautiful day, this post is about the dessert table. Another post will follow soon with more pictures dedicated to Leonardo “the cake smasher”!

The sweets included vanilla and orange cupcakes topped with cloud frosting and carousel horses made out of fondant.

I used different  party favours and filled them with candy rock and golden chocolate.

For this dessert table I sticked to light blue, white and golden colours which I thought looked great together!

I really don’t know where to start describing this cake. It was hard to make it because of the many challenging tasks like trying to cover the cone without breaking the fondant or  figuring out how to make the horses stand up without breaking them or making them fall,  and many many others. But I’m glad I did not give up as it was my original idea to make a Carousel cake and I sticked to it! At the end I was pretty happy with the final result!

I was so inspired by many amazing pictures of babies wearing fun cone hats for their first birthdays so I made a light blue cone hat and cut a number one out of a golden glittery paper. Then I made a wollen pom pom and I attached it to the top. You will see in my next post how cute Leonardo looked with the hat on!

Can you tell some little person tried to grab the biscuit letters?

Every single golden detail was brushed with golden lustre dust and carefully glued (don’t worry it was edible glue) to the white fondant. It was so difficult not to get the fondant stained with the golden powder!

Not sure if it’s the new oven but these cupcakes were incredibly light and fluffy!

To create the baroque details I rolled out some fondant and pressed it in plastic moulds. After making 10 decorations of so they finally stopped breaking and started coming out fine.

I was so excited when I received this ferris wheel cupcake holder! I saw many pictures of it on various American websites and I looked for it for ages but it was only available overseas or available to be shipped over here for crazy prices. Glad I didn’t give up and eventually found one for a very good price!

Would you believe this was my first time creating paper pin wheels?

I think my husband still have nightmares about these little fondants dots. He made many of them and then carefully covered them in lustre dust… seriously when did he become so patient?!?!

I love marshmallows and I thought it was a fun idea to have them on a stick as a little treat.

Vanilla cookie biscuits covered in fondant went down pretty fine with many glasses of prosecco.

Many many balloons in the air…

Chocolate bars wrapped in golden paper.

My relatives at the beginning thought it was a fake cake… it was not!

How precious this day was I cannot even describe it.. unforgettable!

Don’t miss my next post where Leonardo will be presented with his own First Birthday cake  covered with cream. Will he smash it or gently eat it? Wait and see…

A year of pure love

I cannot believe in less than a month my little precious baby is going to be one!

Sometimes it’s been hard but being a mom is the most amazing experience someone can live and although I promised myself that this time I’d have cherished even more every single moment, it just went too fast! In the last 2 months Leo has developed so many new skills and doesn’t behave like a baby anymore.. he’s more indipendent (ouch!) and he’s become a little man showing strong signs of his own personality…

For the past year being Leo’s mum meant:

– kissing, more kissing and kissing again his precious soft skin most of the day

– feeling so much love in my heart every time he smiled at me, he fell asleep in my arms, he looked for me, he felt secure while feeding to my breast

– crying and feeling helpless when he had colics

– cuddling him, especially when he first fell or got upset

– feeling emotional when he first said mamma, when he started crawling and now when he took his first steps

– pulling faces to make him smile and then listening to his incredible funny laugh

– watching him bonding with his sister and getting so attached to her

– making him discover that there is other yummy food a part from breastmilk

– experiencing with him the feeling of water and seeing his passion for swimming growing

– watching him discover new things like music, nature

– teaching him to be kind to our kitties (not really working yet!)

– noticing his eyes sparkle every time I say “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”

– watching him  play with a new toy

– protecting him, always

– falling in love again and again every day

I feel blessed, I really do… and every time I’m sad for any other reason, I need to remember that this was my dream, and my dream came true so nothing else matters.


Having children in your 30s – 10 reasons why you should

I just read that nearly half of the babies born in the Uk are to moms over 30. I am one of those mums and although I’ve always wanted to have kids quite early in life, sometimes things don’t work out the way you expected. With the time I realised that probably there were good reasons for that so after a quick thinking I came out with my 10 facts why you should trust that having babies in  your 30s is a good idea!

After 30:

  • you kind of  know better what you want from life and how to handle things (or at least you know what you don’t want!)
  • hopefully you have built a strong/secure relashionship with your partner
  • you have obtained a degree (gosh this pic looks like 1960’s – I promise I am not that old!)

  • you have achieved a good (decent!) career so you are financially more stable
  • you have already done crazy things (like holding this snake!) so now you can concentrate on your family (and do crazy things all together!)

  • you have had the chance to visit/lived in different countries ( our trip to Bali)
  • you have more patience
  • you have more experience
  • you are less selfish and willing to give more and take less (sharing bananas with this monkey for example)

  • you know what really matters and realised by now what’s important for you
  • you have the capacity and maturity to patiently raise your children (if you are not sleep deprived)

Some days like today though, after having spent two nights in and out my bed trying to sooth a teething/grumpy/fussy baby,  I wish I was 20 again and had the energy to bounce back like I used to do…

Never mind.

Just have babies, regardless of your age… they are the most wonderful thing you can EVER experience!



10 things I’m grateful for today

Once you become a mother the simplest things can make your day. I personally  just learned to appreciate that sometimes little things can make a difference in your daily life. These are the ones I’m grateful for today:

– Leo napped for 1 hour 45 minutes

– Beatrice learned to load the dishwasher

– Romeo didn’t throw up on the floor

– We stuck balloons on our heads

– My husband cleaned the cat’s litter

– Mother in law left this morning

– My husband filled up my car with petrol

– The sun was shining

– I bought a yummy panettone for only £3.99

– Daddy played guitar with Leo

Life is good…