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Back with a bang

The last 10 or so months have passed by in a blink of an eye! When someone, only few weeks ago, asked me if i was still writing my blog, my reply was ” yeah, I only stopped for a couple of months because I got hacked but I’ll soon be online again”

A couple of months!?!

It has been AAAGES and I didn’t even realise I neglected my blog for so long, too long..

Anyway the good news is that i’m still alive and kicking and what’s best is that we are starting with a new blog post about…. parties and cakes!

Many things have changed but my passion for creating parties and baking is still the same. Recently I have organised my daughter’s 6th birthday party and I felt back in the game!

This year’s theme was Cinderella.  My daughter (ok, it was me too!) fell in love with the latest movie and desperately wanted to have a princess party so she could wear her fab dress.


I was keen to bake a different cake so after spending hours on Pinterest I found the one i wanted: a Cinderella carriage cake! Don’t even let me start with how difficult it was to get those $%&£ wheels not to break and to stand up!

cinderella party

But overall I thought it would have been more challenging creating this cake and I was pleased to discover that my baking mojo was not all lost after all.

We set up a table with colourful Cinderella party plates, napkins and cups which I got online from the Partyrama website (have a look because they are definitely the cheapest on the market!).

cinderella party

I then set up a different table where I put all the “party goodies” for the kids to take home once the party ended. I made some Cinderella cupcakes…


Cinderella cookies…

cinderella clock cookies

Button cookies (my lovely mamma kindly spent ages trying to get the ribbon through the tiny holes!)


And then we (obviously) had some magic wands and on each one of them, there was a little star glass bottle filled with Magic dust


We hired a hall at our local church so it wasn’t a great setting to get good pictures..



If you are wondering what a Minion cake has to do with Cinderella.. well .. few weeks ago it was Leo’s birthday and because I knew many of his friends were coming to Bee’s party, I thought to bake a cake and sing a happy birthday song for him too! Next year he’s going to have his own party too.


The room was filled with laugh, love and fun! What I love the most about these parties is that year after year Beatrice is still very fond to have what they have become her truly best-friends throughout the years.


These amazing girls who she met when she was only a baby at her nursery and who she still has an amazing bond with. That’s truly magic!



The tricky bit about the parties (at least for me) is finding a good way to entertain the kids.

This year we decided to give someone else the task to make the kids having a couple of hours of great fun. And thank God we did as the person who was supposed to open the hall doors arrived late so I was late myself setting up the whole party but the ladies from “It’s in the bag” came to the rescue!

As soon as the kids arrived they were there, ready to shout their lungs out and make sure the kids had a blast!


party games

They gathered all kids together and starting singing and entertaining the children with stories, rhyme and creative games.



They were fab!


It was a lovely birthday party and although mummy organised it all, who got to have a picture with the birthday girl!??!? Daddy!!! Oh well…


Buon compleanno amore mio!

Leonardo’s first birthday! – Part one

SNAP! A year has gone by so quickly and here we are celebrating my son’s FIRST birthday! All my family came over from Italy so we took the occasion to have him baptised too and we had a big party with fab food, lots of cake and obviously Prosecco!

For this party I planned to create a Carousel dessert table and I challenged myself to create a 3 tier carousel cake (yes, there is a hidden cake under the cone too!)…it literallly drove me mad! At one point I was ready to throw everything out of the window. Lucky my husband came to help me and together we finished decorating what it felt like an endless cake job!

Because we took many pictures of the beautiful day, this post is about the dessert table. Another post will follow soon with more pictures dedicated to Leonardo “the cake smasher”!

The sweets included vanilla and orange cupcakes topped with cloud frosting and carousel horses made out of fondant.

I used different  party favours and filled them with candy rock and golden chocolate.

For this dessert table I sticked to light blue, white and golden colours which I thought looked great together!

I really don’t know where to start describing this cake. It was hard to make it because of the many challenging tasks like trying to cover the cone without breaking the fondant or  figuring out how to make the horses stand up without breaking them or making them fall,  and many many others. But I’m glad I did not give up as it was my original idea to make a Carousel cake and I sticked to it! At the end I was pretty happy with the final result!

I was so inspired by many amazing pictures of babies wearing fun cone hats for their first birthdays so I made a light blue cone hat and cut a number one out of a golden glittery paper. Then I made a wollen pom pom and I attached it to the top. You will see in my next post how cute Leonardo looked with the hat on!

Can you tell some little person tried to grab the biscuit letters?

Every single golden detail was brushed with golden lustre dust and carefully glued (don’t worry it was edible glue) to the white fondant. It was so difficult not to get the fondant stained with the golden powder!

Not sure if it’s the new oven but these cupcakes were incredibly light and fluffy!

To create the baroque details I rolled out some fondant and pressed it in plastic moulds. After making 10 decorations of so they finally stopped breaking and started coming out fine.

I was so excited when I received this ferris wheel cupcake holder! I saw many pictures of it on various American websites and I looked for it for ages but it was only available overseas or available to be shipped over here for crazy prices. Glad I didn’t give up and eventually found one for a very good price!

Would you believe this was my first time creating paper pin wheels?

I think my husband still have nightmares about these little fondants dots. He made many of them and then carefully covered them in lustre dust… seriously when did he become so patient?!?!

I love marshmallows and I thought it was a fun idea to have them on a stick as a little treat.

Vanilla cookie biscuits covered in fondant went down pretty fine with many glasses of prosecco.

Many many balloons in the air…

Chocolate bars wrapped in golden paper.

My relatives at the beginning thought it was a fake cake… it was not!

How precious this day was I cannot even describe it.. unforgettable!

Don’t miss my next post where Leonardo will be presented with his own First Birthday cake  covered with cream. Will he smash it or gently eat it? Wait and see…

Tangled birthday party

What better way to spend your last weeks of pregnancy than organising a Tangled birthday party for your daughter’s 3rd birthday?

To be honest I just loved doing it! I spent ages researching online for party ideas, dessert table inspirations and ways to combine it all and I have to admit I was pretty proud with the result!

This was my daughter’s first official party with her little friends so I really wanted it to be special! She’s in love with Tangled so I thought a Rapunzel party would have been the best theme for her birthday party.

As a little treat we gave each child a personalised cupcake topped with a Rapunzel character

Like any good Italian mama I wasn’t sure how much food was enough food so I prepared different sweets and sour plates.

On the sweet side a part from cupcakes, I made blueberry pannacotta, french macarons, sugar decorated biscuits, chocolate covered cake pops and a big madeira cake filled with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream. On the savoury side I made pizza, tomato, mozzarella and basil appetizer and ham and cheese paninis.

Could not resist and filled few jars and party favours with marshmallows.

… attempted roses cupcakes…

and prayed God this tower would hold the weight of Rapunzel house! (under Maximus supervision)

I’ve always been in love with paper straws so bought them online and printed out some water bottles labels which I found on Catch my party website.

Very pleased with this drink dispenser which was bought from M&S at the last minute (it was out of stock for ages and only 4 days before the party it went back on stock – yeah!)

My husband helped me out to create these cupcake toppers. He honestly has more patience than me in creating little fondant figures.

And that’s my gorgeous daughter waiting for all her girlfriends to arrive at the party.

A part from the figures, the entire cake was edible as it was made using either fondant or buttercream.

And that’s us celebrating all together!

To entertain the girls we bought a cardboard castle which the girls loved! It was big enough for all of them to play inside plus they all had fun colouring and making it unique!

All smiles!

A huge thanks to my mom who spent AGES trying to cut out the fondant letters to make the Happy Birthday sign. The fondant kept sticking to the cutter as it was supposed to be rolled very thin and my mom had hard time to avoid the letters to break, but she did it and I thought it was a nice touch to the cake.

Buon compleanno Amore mio!