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Italy vs Scotland – My birthday celebration

Happy birthday to meee!!

Few weeks ago it was my birthday and since I was little I’ve always loved to celebrate it with my family and friends, having cake, balloons and obviously presents!

This time I had the idea to create a dessert table which represented my life since I moved from Italy to Scotland. For the last 12 years in fact I’ve been travelling between these two countries and enjoying their diversities.

One of the biggest diversity is the cuisine therefore I divided my dessert table in typical Italian food on the right and Scottish favourite food on the left.




Cupcakes covered with Scottish Tartan and Scottish breakfast: egg, sausage and black pudding.

Scottish breakfast tea

Pizza and spaghetti cupcakes

Potatoes, crisps, porridge, every Scot eats them daily!

Illy coffee! One of the best coffees you can find in Italy. And the caffettiera, Bialetti obviously!

Scottish flag biscuit

Scots love it, I can hardly have a sip of it: Irn Bru

Plane butter cookies

Spaghetti bolognese cupcake (this is the correct spelling!)

Plenty of these men in Scotland (ehm not quite) but plenty of porridge

Grappa! My favourite!


Birthday cake:  Madeira base with a Nutella and cream filling









Happy birthday Papà snowboarder!

Last week was my husband’s birthday and although I didn’t want to remind him that he broke his arm’s ligaments during our last Christmas holiday while snowboarding in Italy, I know he loves spending time on the snow so I thought the best cake for him was a mountain shape cake with a little snowboarder figure on the top.

I used vanilla fondant to make the figure and to cover the cake.


To go with the snowboard theme cake I baked some vanilla cupcakes and topped them with white and blue fondant snowflakes.

And bought white balloons and blue paper napkins to go with them.

Oh yeah, I bought the meringues too 🙂

Then I followed some tutorials and created white and blue paper poms (Not a big deal I know but they do look great!)

Sprinkled some crystal drops to decorate the table.

And more cupcakes (I attempted to make some blue ones but I have to say for me it’s still very odd eating blue food!)

I took the following pictures with my iPhone at 1am in the morning when I was trying to finish the little snowboarder by following an online tutorial on my laptop.

To be honest we didn’t want to cut the cake as it looked so pretty but when I mentioned that I had filled it with layers of Nutella and fresh whipped cream, we changed our minds!

I decided I am going to create a personalised party every time we have a special occasion in the family so that one day we will remember that day not only for the kisses and cuddles but for the personalised cake too (and the time spent making it!).