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My essentials for breastfeeding

If you read my previous post, you would know that I am such a huge breastfeeding advocate for many reasons. And because of this, although I’m no expert, throughout the years I had many friends asking me what I thought a mom would need if she decides to breastfeed. Well to be honest the main thing is your boobs and a baby but I guess there are a few essential items which personally helped my breastfeeding journey and they kind of made the whole experience of breastfeeding more enjoable.

Breast pads: with my second baby somehow I forgot how much your boobs actually leak when you breastfeed and at the beginning I convinced myself I could do without them.  WRONG!  Unless you like walking in public with two big stains on your top (which happened to me more than once!)  then you definitely need them. And please don’t go for the cheapest ones as you really would like something soft on your delicate skin

Mom breastfeeding


A comfortable nursing bra: this is a must! Not only choosing the right nursing bra makes breastfeeding easier but when your breasts all of the sudden become ginourmous, it’s essential that you choose a bra that offers great support. One of my favourite (cause you need at least 3 in my opinion) is  Anita Maternity one which has a flexible underwire and it’s very soft to the touch. The bra allows you to unclip just one side so your baby has an easy access to your boob, plus it has a wide band which ensure a good support which it’s great news for your back. When you choose a bra make sure you get ther correct size so opt for a professional fitting service where they can advice you how to pick the correct cup size which is essential to avoid blocked ducts.


A breastfeeding pillow: when I was breastfeeding, I found having a pillow to support my baby just fab. The first few days I didn’t  have one and my back hurt like crazy even my arms which were holding the baby were sore. My mum went to buy a round nursing pillow and what a difference it made! Breastfeeding all of the sudden was very comfortable either if I was sitting on a normal chair or on the sofa,  feeding was definitely much more relaxing.

Nipple cream: especially in the first few months of his life, your baby will be attached to your breast most of the time, therefore it can happen that your breast will feel sore and show cracked nipples (ouch!). Although I didn’t have major problems,  I found Lansinoh cream worked very quickly to relieve the odd pain and I could carry on breastfeeding without feeling sore and knowing that the cream was fine for the baby too.

Breast pump and a bottle: after giving birth, if you are lucky, you will have tons of milk and sometimes it’ll perhaps be too much so if you want to avoid the feeling that your boobs are about to pop, then it’s better getting a breast pump to release a bit of tension in your breasts. Whenever you need, using a breastpump will up the supply of more milk too.

breastfeeding Bee

Muslin squares: I used a lot of these, like a lot! For burping, to catch a bit of spit-up which with my daughter was never ” a little”, to wipe your baby’s mouth after a feed. They are great and trust me you will still use them when you start weaning your baby, to dry dribble when baby is teething, to soak any kind of spill, just get them.

Nursing shirt/dresses: the beauty of breastfeeding is that you can feed your baby whenever and wherever you are so to make it more practical, having a top which opens pretty easily is a must.  I especially love the tops which like the nursing bras, have clips which allow you to drop down just one side. I’d include night gowns with buttons as well for all the late/night feeds.


One thing I bought but hardly used was a rocking chair. I really, really wanted a rocking chair and I bought a lovely wooden one with white cotton covers, it came with a little stool to rest the feet . Unfortunately it did not make the breastfeeding experience more comfortable, I found the arms where just too low so I literally had to lift the baby up to nurse him. The actual seat was pretty small and if I wanted to stretch my legs a bit more, I’d have fallen off the chair. My rocking chair just looked good in my bedroom and that’s as far as it went because it really didn’t do the job to me and I sold it after only one month.

I hope you will find my suggestions quite useful.  I’d like to add that you really should use whatever item you feel is right for YOU and just breastfeed the way you find it more comfortable for you and for your baby.



Still breastfeeding!??!

You have no idea how many times in the last few months people asked me this question… My answer?

“Yes, I am.. Yes, Leo is 15 months old… Yes, I love it… Yes, he loves it…”

Is that a problem?

Sometimes I feel like more you try to make a point and explain why you are “still” breastfeeding, more you contribute to let it become an issue,  I really should not “justify” why I’m still doing it.

I breastfed Bee for 12 months and only stopped because I had to take antibiotics and when they wore off, she wasn’t interested anymore.. and it was hard to deal with… because until I breastfed her, I kept a very special bond with my baby. At 15 months old a child is not a “baby anymore”, so in Leo’s case, yes, I am still breastfeeding a toddler.

This week is Breastfeeding week and I’m still shocked to hear discussions over the topic of Breastfeeding, it really should not even be a question for healthy mums. Think about your children’s education, would you not choose the best school for them? Feeding your children is the same. To me once you have a choice, choosing formula over breastfeeding is like having the chance to send your daughter to the best private school for FREE, and instead you choose to send her to a mediocre public school and you pay for that!

What’s wrong with people?!?

“Mummy mummy look! I’m feeding my baby!”

I spare you all the details about why breastfeeding is the best choice (you can find them in my last year post  or in the post the year before) I just know that the gift of milk we have been given is precious for the baby, so I just do it, whenever wherever. That’s it.

I know I totally sound b***y but I’m seriously fed up with all this debate “Should you do it – how you should do it- bla bla” and when I hear from women (who haven’t any condition which prevent them to breastfeed) “I tried it once and it hurt”,  I’d like to reply “Well wasn’t the same with sex?  Did you give up sex then or did you just try again and “learned” how to do it?”.

I like what I read on The Huffington post: this week let’s celebrate the very ordinary and I’d like to add:

Let’s treat breastfeeding as ordinary and it will become

Mummy’s superpowers

Last week  I was at home getting ready for a meeting with my boss about going back to work, so I was trying to make myself look decent after days spent looking like a tramp with my hair all over the place and no make up, yes that bad.

I managed to have a shower and I had my little monkey as a spectator. He was holding on to the edge of the bath amused to see mummy standing there under the water and laughing every now and then when some water reached his face.

When I came out of the shower I wanted to do my hair nicely in order to look presentable so I sat on the bed in front of the mirror and while I was blowdrying my hair my son decided it was feeding time so he leaned on me and he started sucking. I looked myself in the mirror and found it amazing… Us, mums. got superpowers! We can be multitasking every second of day, no matter what we are doing if our children need us we are there and we do it all!

So I started thinking how many times during a day I go through doing multitasking jobs. I  think I have developed superpowers which keep my childrens happy and the house functioning (and the husband content obviously!).So far I’ve got:

  • I can sleep few hours per night for weeks, sorry months! and still the next day I can function normally ie. I get the kids up and ready, go out for shopping, prepare lunch and dinner, doing washinmachines, cleaning the house, the cats, etc
  • I can breastfeed my baby while getting my daughter out of the bath and getting her ready for bed
  • I can wake up in the middle of the night and pop in my baby’s crib to breastfeed him and back to my bed up to 7 times without loosing it
  • I can change a dirty nappy without making any fuss (the same for cleaning sick, dribble, etc). My husband usually pulls his jumper up to cover his nose and STILL complains about the smell.
  • I can get both kids ready to go out in less than 15 minutes
  • I can be at the grocery checkout keeping my mojo while little one screams trying to stand up on the trolley seat and my daughter runs to the next toy machine available calling me out loud to get money to make it work
  • I can hear even the tiniest sound my baby produces so that I am ready to jump and go to check on him
  • I can go out for lunch, feed both my children, myself, clean their mess and have a normal conversation with my friends
  • I can do ANYTHING with one hand. My speciality (probably because I do this daily!) is getting the children out of the car carrying a 10 kg baby, my handbag, 4 grocery shopping bags while looking for house keys, lock the car and check my letter box
  • I can bath both kids, wash their hair, dry them and getting them ready for bed while making sure dinner is not burning
  • I can cook lunch and dinner for 10 days for 6 people while getting few hours sleep per night, having the flu and still being nice to my mother in law (this must be my best one!)
  • I can spot the tiniest piece of toy/food/thing on the floor and remove it before baby puts it in his mouth
  • I can organise a birthday party for 10 children plus parents at home, prepared all food, make a big Rapunzel cake while being 9 months pregnant

Least but not last, especially because it’s the most important and all the other superpowers depend on it,  I’ve got this amazing gift which gave meaning to my life, gave me the biggest joy I could have EVER imagined, the reason to live….

I can make people!

How’s that as a superpower!??!