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Still breastfeeding!??!

You have no idea how many times in the last few months people asked me this question… My answer?

“Yes, I am.. Yes, Leo is 15 months old… Yes, I love it… Yes, he loves it…”

Is that a problem?

Sometimes I feel like more you try to make a point and explain why you are “still” breastfeeding, more you contribute to let it become an issue,  I really should not “justify” why I’m still doing it.

I breastfed Bee for 12 months and only stopped because I had to take antibiotics and when they wore off, she wasn’t interested anymore.. and it was hard to deal with… because until I breastfed her, I kept a very special bond with my baby. At 15 months old a child is not a “baby anymore”, so in Leo’s case, yes, I am still breastfeeding a toddler.

This week is Breastfeeding week and I’m still shocked to hear discussions over the topic of Breastfeeding, it really should not even be a question for healthy mums. Think about your children’s education, would you not choose the best school for them? Feeding your children is the same. To me once you have a choice, choosing formula over breastfeeding is like having the chance to send your daughter to the best private school for FREE, and instead you choose to send her to a mediocre public school and you pay for that!

What’s wrong with people?!?

“Mummy mummy look! I’m feeding my baby!”

I spare you all the details about why breastfeeding is the best choice (you can find them in my last year post  or in the post the year before) I just know that the gift of milk we have been given is precious for the baby, so I just do it, whenever wherever. That’s it.

I know I totally sound b***y but I’m seriously fed up with all this debate “Should you do it – how you should do it- bla bla” and when I hear from women (who haven’t any condition which prevent them to breastfeed) “I tried it once and it hurt”,  I’d like to reply “Well wasn’t the same with sex?  Did you give up sex then or did you just try again and “learned” how to do it?”.

I like what I read on The Huffington post: this week let’s celebrate the very ordinary and I’d like to add:

Let’s treat breastfeeding as ordinary and it will become